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A Model's Skincare Routine | How To Get Clear Glowy Skin

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A Model's Skincare Routine | How To Get Clear Glowy Skin Jess Clements Instagram - @Jessicaclements - https://instagram.com/jessicaclements NEW Travel IG - @voyageclementine - https://www.instagram.com/voyagecleme... My Last Video - https://youtu.be/alNFu6MRZ_g Products I use! Chanel Biphase Eye Makeup Remover - http://bit.ly/2pbsolO Drunk Elephant Jelly Cleanser - http://bit.ly/2peEafm JKosmmune Serum - http://bit.ly/2xmnFS1 Kirklaan Natural CBD Skin Cream - https://bit.ly/2D3PULj Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Facial Oil - http://bit.ly/2paz9nX Orveda Eye Unveiler 422 - http://bit.ly/2xnuD9d Chanel D-Pollution Daily Protection Mist - http://bit.ly/2petayw Burt's Bees Acne Spot Treatment - http://bit.ly/2pdF3F1
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Text Comments (286)
DerMax_HD (48 minutes ago)
omg youre honestly the most beautiful woman ive ever seen!
co co (8 days ago)
She look beutiful
Golden B (13 days ago)
hey, ive always wanted to be a model and you actually inspire me so much! totally nice, humble and gorgeous role model. i’m so so so happy for you to be walking the victoria secret runway next time, you deserve it. i follow your videos and a lot of your tips are beneficial for me as an aspiring model. my skin has cleared and 90% of my acne is gone, now i’m just clearing the marks.
brooklyn aria (16 days ago)
we have the same skin type! i get bumps on my forehead and cheeks when i wash my face, so what i've been doing is using a face mask every night and it's been helping. but i kinda wanna experiment with your skincare routine😬
Kathleen Mae (25 days ago)
Where do you usually have your psoriasis because I've got eczema on my right hand and on the fingers on it and tbh I lost my confidence because of it ):
- #Kh - Adel (1 month ago)
She's so beautiful !
toh knee (1 month ago)
u look like cobie smulders
Camille Rogers (1 month ago)
aww i love u where do i get the kitty thing!!!
patricia murillo (1 month ago)
She put so much crap and expensive also.
Maria Tan (2 months ago)
can anyone tell me where her necklaces are from??thanks
mango rina (3 months ago)
if I have a face as pretty as yours I wouldn't know how to act
Rachel Cox (3 months ago)
Post a video on how you accessorize/ where you buy necklaces?
CB (3 months ago)
CB (3 months ago)
You have like a thousand freckles wow
CarlsInCharge (3 months ago)
I'm not sure why but you realllyyy remind me of Pheobe Tonkin. Super pretty💓
yohana zane (3 months ago)
Men i dont like sponsored stuff such a waste of time no offense jessica u pretty ❤
yohana zane (3 months ago)
Is this sponsored?
suski_dusk (4 months ago)
I’m interested in seeing your indepth night/morning skincare routine!
Jona Girl (4 months ago)
Where's your necklace from? I love it
Flight's Hairline (4 months ago)
How 😭😍
Nat Kim (4 months ago)
What exfoliator do you use?
Fran Osborne (4 months ago)
Love your videos!! Workout and diet video please! x
Leslie A. Iris (4 months ago)
Omg I knew you looked so familiar! I saw you on an old navy ad lol
SheWolf (4 months ago)
why does she talk like she has a stuffed nose, is it an accent? not hating, kinda adorable.
Elsa Dewi (4 months ago)
“how to get clear glowy skin” i need this video. ok let’s go. *intro* *uses something from drunk elephant* “lol..... bye” 😂😂
Anmol Singh (4 months ago)
Random question but do you like the band queen
Vic (4 months ago)
Workout Routine!!
newyorksbaby94 (4 months ago)
Body care video? Because your skin is just wow!
Amanda Overcash (4 months ago)
Would love to see a mask video. I don't really have a skin care routine, but I love doing masks.
Max Ocampo (4 months ago)
her voice does remind me of phoebe tonkins's
momo (4 months ago)
You are my queen👸💗 I love you💗
Artsy Cupcake (4 months ago)
Great routine! 👍💕 I just did my skin care routine video too!
World Traveler (4 months ago)
Max UFO (4 months ago)
Lovely jessi
neden o abonem var (4 months ago)
çokk çok beatiful tr
Alicia Cook (4 months ago)
It's so amazing the power make up has. You went from damn hideous to a beauty star! 😂
Ram (4 months ago)
I am a Japanese Because I seemed to have come to Japan, I commented!
kiki (4 months ago)
I would loveee to know what to eat for better skin. I have this bad habit of eating a lot of junk food because i don't really gain weight from it, maybe give some junkfood alternatives?? love you xx
Romek Dutka (4 months ago)
tak tak tak Kocham Cię tak
The Bees Knees (4 months ago)
Please do another clothing haul btw! 💕
The Bees Knees (4 months ago)
*immediately goes out a buys all of these products* 😊
Lindsey Gafford (4 months ago)
Would you be able to do an all-natural brand makeup review?
Lio Murdest (4 months ago)
You're stunning, but I really can't afford 99% of the products you use xDD
Romek Dutka (4 months ago)
Dziękuję, że Jesteś!!!!!
Romek Dutka (4 months ago)
Tak mi Miło Jak Jesteś!
Emilyy Vazques (4 months ago)
yess please do a Night time routine too please!!
sarahRA86 (4 months ago)
Can you recommend any dermatologists?!
Idzell N. Blanc (4 months ago)
I love the skin care routine and the workout routine. Good video Jess :)
Madeleine Holden (4 months ago)
LOVE these type of videos!!! I'm super interested in skincare and think your a great spokesperson for clear skin((:
Chelsey Ariana Mangham (4 months ago)
Loooove this! Please give us a hair video though! Your hair is literally so luscious and shiny and healthy.
maxliked (4 months ago)
So good! Love it Jess!
Chris H (4 months ago)
Jess, have you tried double cleansing? I use an oil cleanser to remove makeup (I use the Simple one) and then a super gentle cream cleanser. That tends to keep my skin bump-free (I find the oil gently but effectively dissolves any gunk in my pores) and clean while also not stripping!
delugin margot (4 months ago)
Hi Jess, where your choker is from? great video, will love a video about your city and interesting places to do, love you Xx
rachel crystal (4 months ago)
Ahhhh your skin is amazing!!! I'm going to try to follow these steps and I am in love with your videos ❤️❤️❤️
Jessica Harvey (4 months ago)
Excited for the clear skin food video!!
Jiwon Kim (4 months ago)
You’re stunning without makeup 💕
nagad (4 months ago)
This is exactly what I needed yesss, come throughhhhh
Farrah Moldover (4 months ago)
I really love your skincare videos, please continue to do them!
Kata Reddy (4 months ago)
Lol, I don't think I can afford a single thing in this video other than the Burt's Bee's thing. 😂
Kristine D (4 months ago)
Hair care routine please 🙌
wesochic (4 months ago)
eating skincare routine! :)
Maria Janice (4 months ago)
Where did you get your necklace(s)? Love them!
Lexi Ionie (4 months ago)
Which simple face wash/cleanser do you recommend? love u sm!!❤️
Veronica Watson (4 months ago)
I'm so glad you put up another vid. I just like your videos, you are relaxing to watch.
Angelface247〈3 (4 months ago)
I love the Burt’s bee acne solution it takes down the inflammation of spots I get it really works! And it smells good too☺️
Eluna A. (4 months ago)
Please more hair videos!!!!????? How do you get this everyday look? 😭😭😭
Katie Hare (4 months ago)
Masks video pls!!
Francesca Clark (4 months ago)
Please tell me where did you get that rocket necklace 🚀 pretty pretty please
Jennie ML (4 months ago)
i exfoliate my forehead twice in one day(day and night) because it has alot of clog pores.It works good on me.I have oily skin
Heidi Eddy (4 months ago)
Would love a video on all the jewelry pieces you own!
Ayesha Robyn (4 months ago)
For someone who has psoriasis, your skin looks amazing!!!
kc (4 months ago)
Really really love set of products and regime :)
L Squared (4 months ago)
Alisha B (4 months ago)
Great video! You are such an inspiration to me. I’ve been struggling with acne since many years and I hope my skin is going to be as good as yours someday. Btw YOU ARE SO PRETTY!! Greetings from Germany 🇩🇪💗
Jacqueline Teer (4 months ago)
step 1: have clear glowy skin
Orly Potter (4 months ago)
Which exfoliater do you use?
Ilianna Padilla (4 months ago)
I would love to see your masks and heavy moisturizing creams! Also what do you apply in the am? Lots of love! Xxxxoxo
Veronica St. Clair (4 months ago)
A skin specialist??? Is that different than a derm? Help!
Donneponnie (4 months ago)
same thing!
SeriouslyBadElf (4 months ago)
I love your head band!!! It's interesting to know your skin routine, even though my skin is entirely different. My skin is very oily, and I need to exfoliate because of cells clogging. I didnt know dry skin people had the same issue :O
STAN DREAMCATCHER (4 months ago)
Can you do a video on your most favorited sheet masks
STAN DREAMCATCHER (4 months ago)
+Jessica Clements OMG I NEVER THOUGHT YOU WOULD RESPOND!! Omg thank you for replying and I will definitely check out the brand! I love you and your videos!!! Keep at it💕💕
Jessica Clements (4 months ago)
Honestly leaders have been my go-to brand for the past 4 years for sheet masks!
Georgia B (4 months ago)
your skin looks so plump and perfect!
easyifyoutry (4 months ago)
does anyone else see straight through the skin to the beauty inside this person?
yesim temurtas (4 months ago)
Where is the rocket chain from ??? IT IS GORGEOS :)
Taylor Brown (4 months ago)
Hey I have the same it's "necklace rocket" from MALAIKARAISS (it's like 50$ in gold) :)
saskiasalina (4 months ago)
Do you not wear sunscreen or did I miss that? Always looking for good sunscreens
calmement (4 months ago)
try out the krave beauty matcha hemp cleanser <3 hydrating, doesn't leave a squeaky clean feeling, cleans well, refreshing scent from the matcha, plus the founder liah yoo is so lovely. the brand is a small business that focuses on good formulation
Mary Joy Melitante (4 months ago)
Arggh!! You are so gorgeous 😍😍
TheNelna (4 months ago)
Please do a pollution protection video!
xfirstly (4 months ago)
I live in a city that's usually pretty polluted durning the autumn/winter months. I'm wondering if the anti pollution skincare actually does anything or if it's just a gimmick. Seems a bit like the latter to me but if someone knows any info pls let me know :D
Meher Jahan (4 months ago)
Please we need vlogs and lookbooks !!!
Jam Alison (4 months ago)
Now I know what an angel looks like...
maya_shmilovich (4 months ago)
Where are your necklaces from?
Sarah H (4 months ago)
Definitely want to see your suggestions for heavier night creams!
min min (4 months ago)
damn my skin needs help HAHAHAHA :'(
A Cyrus (4 months ago)
Please do a drugstore version skincare.
World Traveler (4 months ago)
But that can be bad for your skin no? Unless you get the ones without fragrance.
Julia Ghaem (4 months ago)
Great routine You didn't tell us how you exfoliate !
Berger Tania (4 months ago)
those product are so expensive :( but thanks for the video like it any way
smoothielover07 (4 months ago)
The way Jessica speaks...it's not a lisp per se, but is there a term for it?
Monika Petkova (4 months ago)
Do a workout video,please..❤
stephywaby (4 months ago)
I have to ask, can you do a video on your psoriasis? Like where you get it, when you found out you had and how old you were... The severity of it etc, treatments and everything! As a person with psoriasis I'd find it amazingly interesting.
Joanna Marquez (4 months ago)

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