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OPEN ME 💓 Dove Mini Pack - PHP99 Johnson’s Baby Lotion - PHP92 Petroleum Jelly - PHP30.50 Beauty Fix Peel Off Mask - PHP22 Myra E Lotion - PHP65 Buy1Take1 Betadine Femwash - PHP44 Iwhite Facial Wash - PHP18 Seoul White Instant White - PHP13 Hello Kitty Wet Wipes - PHP40 Penshoppe Glitter Spray - PHP89 Hello Kitty Scrub - Php59 Careline Eyebrow Pencil - PHP65 PLEASE DO WATCH IN HD! Hi there! It's Xy and welcome to my channel!! Disclaimer: Im no expert, I'm just a MAKE UP LOVER :) Some products that works for me, MAY OR MAY NOT work for you. For business inquiries/collaborations: 💌 EMAIL: xyrellecastillo20@gmail.com LET US BE FRIENDS! FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/xyrelleandre... INSTAGRAM : xyzcastillo Thank you so much for watching! See you on my next video! XOXO, Xy
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Mikee Manahan (3 months ago)
Lyn Kitchen (3 months ago)
Can we sub to sub sis.. 😊
InsideYAM (3 months ago)
Hello po. Sub-to-sub? Comment po kayo😊
InsideYAM (3 months ago)
+Rachelle Grande Sub done na po. Sub back po salamat😊
Rachelle Grande (3 months ago)
InsideYAM game
Clarece CRN (3 months ago)
Newsubbie here😍
Liezel Morado (3 months ago)
Sub mo ako, sub rin kita
Danica Givero (3 months ago)
Sub to sub
Liezel Morado (3 months ago)
#14, sub me back sis
auby bear (3 months ago)
Hello poooo
Nét đẹp Á đông TV (3 months ago)
so beautiful girl
sarahjane dayto (3 months ago)
Mas maganda yung megan na charcoal kesa sa beauty fx Xy try mo bebe
The Thrills Couple (3 months ago)
Hi new friend here sana maka bisita k din sa channel ko 🤗
Anne De Guzman (3 months ago)
Pa shout out
Jaye Ghanda08 (3 months ago)
hi xy nice video like your skin very clear
Jonna marie Narvaja (3 months ago)
Saan mo po sinulat ung mga price?
Mico Real (3 months ago)
Skin care update po hehe
Mae F. (3 months ago)
ano po gamit nyong sunscreen?😊
patrick pilla (3 months ago)
sobrang cute nyo po ate😂😂 pwede poba pakurot ng nunal nyo cute e😂😂😂
April Adelantar (3 months ago)
joem ____ (3 months ago)
ganda ng introoo
Zseckainah Belardo (3 months ago)
Hi ate.❤️
Ma. Jecel June (3 months ago)
Altheamarie santos (3 months ago)
hello po
Mikee Louise (3 months ago)
Hi poooo 🙂
Nica Ibiaz (3 months ago)
New subscriber here💛
Pinas Trending Inc. (3 months ago)
Sis ang ganda ng video mo hehe support ❤️ sana makabisita ka rin sa bahay ko 😊
Jewel Alega (3 months ago)
UNICORNCROWN14 PANDA (3 months ago)
Pa shoutttt outtt
Tikanne Garcia (3 months ago)
UNICORNCROWN14 PANDA (3 months ago)
Claire Anne Garcia done click it

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