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Acne Skincare Routine FINALLY.

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Hi. I know this video has been a long time coming. I wanted to make sure the skincare routine I was using worked. I wanted to show you guys real results on my skin healing and was stable. I feel like it is now so I want to share my routine. PLEASE remember I’m not an expert in this field. This is what worked for ME. Remember that all these routines you watch don’t think it will 100% for sure work ok? Keep trying and give each routine a chance and time to work. I didn’t see results for 1.5 months when some see it in in weeks. Everyone is different. Please don’t be discouraged because the next thing might work. If you do try out this routine and it works let me know! I want to celebrate with you! If not, it’s okay!!!! You can talk to me still I know it sucks but I wanna support you. Anyways, hope this helps. No fancy editing or anything just straight to the point! Let me know if you have any questions! #acneproneskin #skincareroutine + Keep up with me - Instagram: @hanaylee - Twitter: @hanalee218 + NIGHTTIME SKINCARE ROUTINE (IN THIS ORDER) - E-Nature Moringa Cleansing Balm: http://bit.ly/2Ok0jHZ *What I brought on my travel: Farmacy Cleansing Balm: http://bit.ly/2yvWbtQ - Neogen Green Tea Foam Cleanser: http://bit.ly/2Og7HUG *What I brought on my travel: Kate Sommerville Exfolikate Cleanser: http://bit.ly/2OjGv7C - Drunk Elephant Glycolic Night Serum: http://bit.ly/2yvS68J - Tiny Travel Size (if you just wanna test it out): http://bit.ly/2OhpxXw - Curology: http://curolo.gy/hanalee - drunk elephant lala retro whipped cream moisturizer (when skin feels dry): http://bit.ly/2On9uYp +++ * = what I used while traveling. I didn’t use these in the routine that helped me get rid of my acne. I do really love the farmacy balm! Works great! The exfolikate is just ok for me. I tried it when I had acne and no change so I think it’s a standard cleanser. ++++ ALSO JUST TO ADD: COSRX pimple Patches: http://bit.ly/2OnBhaT these were amazing when i had a lot of pimples that i had to refrain from popping. they really pull out the junk without you having to squeeze it out. less damage to my skin as well! + Jimmy and I’s Vlog Channel: https://bit.ly/2QCX6kg + How I got rid of my acne: https://goo.gl/2ymFSp Try Curology for Free ($.4.95 for shipping) - Link: http://curolo.gy/hanalee + Shop with some Codes - Depop (selling my clothes): @hanalee218 - 10% off YesStyle (Korean Clothing): HANA10OFF - 10% off petite studio (clothing): HANA10 - 15% off Daniel Wellington: HANAYLEE - $40 off AirBnB (Travel): www.airbnb.com/c/hanal941 - $20 credit LYFT (Car Travel): HANA746173 - $10 off Postmates (Food Delivery): T4YB2 + Camera Equipment: - Canon 700D: https://amzn.to/2xBsVSw - Canon G7X: https://amzn.to/2PW9uKU - Tripod: http://amzn.to/2vfqlj0 FTC: This is not sponsored. I am not paid to show/use these products, but there are affiliate links that you can use if you want! You don't have to it just helps me! hehe Thank you!
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Text Comments (593)
Lanja Randrianarison (3 days ago)
so you don't use toner?
Chelsea Rios (3 days ago)
Its amazing when you finally find a good routine for your skin! I thank God and Daisy for the Banish kit!! If you all would like to try it out here is my link & use code “Chelsea5” to get a discount! 🦋💗 https://banish.com?rfsn=2065106.913262
Exoislegend (3 days ago)
How to get rid of acne: GO ON ACCUTANE I did and im having the best times of my life
Banchan’s regular (6 days ago)
I added Korean sheet masks in my skin care. It faded my acne scars and shrunk the pimples that I already had.
Banchan’s regular (6 days ago)
I added Korean sheet masks in my skin care. It faded my acne scars and shrunk the pimples that I already had.
The best way to prevent acne is: Don’t get it in the first place! Start cleansing your face from a young age!
M.D kumar (7 days ago)
It's Okay It's Me (8 days ago)
I love your video. I am a new subscriber and wanted to say hi☺️
Sovatha Limthy (8 days ago)
Savage acne treatment evolution😮😮
I'm so happy for you 😭😍
Angelica Tamara (10 days ago)
Hana...could you please do a morning skincare routine (sunblock, etc) because I’m going to start my curology journey soon too!
Sharon Park (15 days ago)
Wow! Watching your journey gives me so much bittersweet hope. The moment I saw your pictures, it was like I was seeing my own face from high school. My acne was the one thing I gave liability to control my entire life and perception of the world around me... and now that I see your journey and how you're thriving so much, I can't help but feel so encouraged. Nobody I saw on screen had my skin. No public figure, influencer, or role model I looked up to identified with the pain and struggle of living with and within the very skin that harms you. I love this and I adore you.
I just watched a 2 minutes add about Mangesh glow elixir. your welcome dammit.
๑Mílkÿ-Møčhî (17 days ago)
I have very small dots on my forehead
Keana Garcia (17 days ago)
i usually never comment but ive been following her routine (except for cleanser) for almost a month now and my acne is less active!! TY
Keana Garcia (15 days ago)
+Imane MESKINE just use a gentle one. im using cetaphil and 2% benzoyl peroxide
Imane MESKINE (15 days ago)
hi pleaze wich cleanser u used
val sklar (18 days ago)
thank you so much for the video! you're so sweet and what you shared was so helpful :-)
wym rae (18 days ago)
ok now THIS is the best skin glo up ive ever seen
Luciana Pinto (19 days ago)
Maria Myronchuk (20 days ago)
despite all skin problems u're veryyy beautiful😍😍😍😍😍😍
Charlotte Xavier (20 days ago)
Your so beautiful girls
carolinev (20 days ago)
hi thank you for this video it was super inspiring!!! I’m curious to know what you do for your morning routine?
Asia Arce (21 days ago)
Karen May Dela Cruz (21 days ago)
Gianna Ou (22 days ago)
I come to these videos whenever I get like one pimple
Peralta Joseph (23 days ago)
Thank u ... I love u ❤️
Dee VidΩ (23 days ago)
You're so beautiful
Chelsea Johansson (25 days ago)
You are seriously the sweetest person I have ever come across on YouTube. I haven’t tried this routine yet but I just had to say that, because your words and just made my day :-)
Erika Hendrawan (25 days ago)
is it ok to combine aha bha and niacinamide from curology together?
Kiwi (25 days ago)
Will these work on different races/ethnicities?
Esmeralda Martinez (30 days ago)
Ive probably tried 3 or 4 different brands and none work. Still searching for the right product. I have acne mostly in my forehead and chin. Not much on the cheeks
Razor Films (1 month ago)
i can’t wait til mine is gone i have it severe and it’s mostly scars and i’m having trouble getting them gone. people always make jokes such as “let me get some pizza”
Clarisse Ebio (1 month ago)
You're adorb dorb
Jill Leong (1 month ago)
May i know the bgm at the start?
Cecep Helmi (1 month ago)
Please translate to bahasa,kusabab aing te ngarti, sia now te ngarti
S E (1 month ago)
I have back and chest acne 😩😩😭😭
priscilla song (1 month ago)
DANG IT curology isnt available in my state
Nour Noir (1 month ago)
I just use the water
1:27 UWU
I’m wet (1 month ago)
Ur nose looks different tho
Brigina Walton (1 month ago)
Have you been using birth control while on your skin clearing journey? I was just curious if it's just the products that helped clear your skin since bc can give some added skin clearing help. You're so beautiful btw! How old are you?
윤현석 (1 month ago)
hy930807 (1 month ago)
But isn’t balm melt into oil anyways?
Nikki Stens (1 month ago)
thank you so much for the last message. Acne has been such a big part of my life and a lot of the times I do feel like giving up. You really inspire me for not giving up, thank you
Nikola (1 month ago)
Such a strong beautiful woman xxx❤️❤️❤️
Jackson Tan (1 month ago)
For the cleansing balm you were saying, does it apply to women who put on make up or guy&women without make up can use that too. ?
theincredibletwinkie (1 month ago)
Love! Just went and purchased all of your products you mentioned! I don’t struggle with acne as much but I get cystic hormonal acne on my chin :(
My-Linh Truong (1 month ago)
Your skin healed so well. Your forehead is all evened out and smooth! The remaining on your cheeks just look like freckles which is soooo pretty. I can’t deal anymore, my skin is so WHITE and translucent, i feel like I look like a sick monster when I dont have any makeup on. 😞
Pink Black (1 month ago)
is it true that curology cannot be bought outside USA?even though I want to buy it😭😭😭
Daniella Spencer (1 month ago)
Have you ever tried Scarguard for scars? Heard about it and was wondering if you'd ever come across it. I'm trying to find something to clear up a scar I have from on my face from my evil cat. Thanks!
Cecille Abonio (1 month ago)
Omayghad u're really legit!!!!
Vhanjie Cobarrubias (1 month ago)
I must try this but if its not for me its fine for me..👊😂
I've had acne for 3 years now and im still suffering from such severe scars and hyperpigmentation. Im happy your skin finally cleared up alot and i hope i fade my scars and hyperpigmentation too!
Ankita Sundaram (1 month ago)
BTS AND SEVENTEEN TRASH African black soap!
Kelly K (1 month ago)
I loooooooooooooove your freckles!! Gorgeous skin! 😘
Alberte Larsen (1 month ago)
OMG your skin looks so goood!!!! I want great skin too! that is my biggest dream right now!
- imagine - (1 month ago)
My mum makes me exfoliate my face three times a day every day and I know it's really bad and whenever I tell her its bad she just gets mad at me... Idk how to clear my acne I've tried everything 😭
oxXRockXSugarXxo (1 month ago)
Your skin looks so much better! Best wishes!
Mariee Mag (1 month ago)
hey! thankyou so much for the motivation.
Theresa floresca (1 month ago)
i have dry skin so dry 😞☹️😔😑
ayesha gurung (1 month ago)
My goals for 2019 lol!
Armani Simmons (1 month ago)
Zula Rolla (1 month ago)
Maram Al (1 month ago)
You looks so cute~! •-•
Heiba Ihei (1 month ago)
acne on my face made me want to quit college😪
Jodie Jeihan (1 month ago)
You're not the only one 😥
Anastasia Stevens (1 month ago)
Just stumbled across your channel, you are so sweet and genuine! Thanks for your insight
Minsyrup (1 month ago)
Wait... are u on douyin? I think I saw you before on douyin
Zoe Lew (1 month ago)
Invest in your skin !!!
Lauren (1 month ago)
Where did you get your pajama shirt it looks so comfy! thanks :)
Brian Moreno (1 month ago)
I’m happy for her but I still look like shit
Izzyzle (2 months ago)
"quite pricey" 30ml costs 90$ hell nah, i can bear living with acne then
Izzyzle (1 month ago)
raijaku rei i've heard of it before but i think you can't buy it without prescription and taking it has a lot of side effects so a dermatologist have to make a schedule of how much and when you have to take it but i guess my acne isn't bad enough for it because i've been to 3 dermatologists and none of them even mentioned isotretinoin 😒
raijaku rei (1 month ago)
You can try Isotretinoin tho
andreas wijaya (2 months ago)
Gw kira speak bahasa indo:(, maklum lah lulusan sd
Painfully Average (2 months ago)
Does anyone know if proactive works lol
Issac hdz (2 months ago)
Just ordered all of it I’ll be back w my results in a month or so
can you give an update?
Lydia K (1 month ago)
Issac hdz Yes im excited for your results!!
Tyler Cald (2 months ago)
curology is the product that made my skin 20x worse
RobotCathy (2 months ago)
Y'all - Differin Gel, Differin Gel, Differin Gel. Single product which got rid of my acne. It's over the counter and can be purchased on Amazon internationally. This, along with cutting back heavily on dairy and eating foods which are good for your overall gut health (VERY IMPORTANT), and not over-irritating your skin with excessive exfoliation and skin products. Find a routine that works for you (keep it simple) and COMMIT TO IT. Also, African black soap (find one with Vitamin E) will work wonders for post-acne marks and discoloration. Don't get discouraged and good luck! Everything will be okay.
en (19 days ago)
i would say to scratch the african black soap because its too stripping for the skin. mandelic and azealic acids work much better at fading pih and are a lot more gentle. i just got differin for a few pimples and pores, does it help with that or primarily focuses on inflamed acne?
Raeyn Rezqi (2 months ago)
Do you apply these products one after another? It is because I was told that doing so is not good due to the chemicals mix
Park Julia (2 months ago)
Im just 14 years old and i have dark spots on my face because of my pimples. i dont know what to do & use. so can you recommend any products pleaseeee huhuhu pleaseeee
Gisselle Lopez (2 months ago)
Thank you❤️
lifestyle2 nyp (2 months ago)
Hi want to improve your skin condition? Brighten skin? Tighten pores? Reduce redness and inflammation? Reduce pimples? Follow @oudao13 on Instagram and Facebook to find out more! Thank you! ❤️
Tiffany Tsai (2 months ago)
I use similar ingredients in my routine (niacinamide + zinc), but I thought you cannot use niacinamide with any acidic ingredients (AHA/BHA or vit c). You haven't had any problems? Your skin looks great!
Christine L (2 months ago)
i screamed at the results!!! yassss you are glowing
Katie DePriest (2 months ago)
you are so sweet!! Curology worked WONDERS for my skin too, and we have the same formula so I’m thinking our skin is really similar! I hit subscribe immediately :) i have combo skin as well, my acne was not cystic but I struggled with so much texture and now my skin is completely smooth, I’m just looking for something to help fade my dark spots/scars so I might have to try the drunk elephant serum.. 🤔
Winny Chen (2 months ago)
You look amazing! I’m currently dealing with my acne scars and hyperpigmentation. It’s so tough! But thank you for saying to keep trying! I really wanted to give up...but then I must remember to be patient too
Lauren Kim (2 months ago)
did you ever pop your pimples on your own?? cause i always have an urge to pop mine but don’t know if it’s the best idea
Eqbal Ghazali (2 months ago)
May I ask?What product do i need to remove dark spots(acne scars)
soklim rit (2 months ago)
Is your acne is hormonal acne?
what if ur too broke???
Nurul Ashikin (2 months ago)
You know I just watched your previous (old) last month, now your skin looks so much beautiful. This give me hope. Even Liah Yoo commented here. Can you give some tips for the inside? Like any vitamins or juices?
Savannah Sophia (2 months ago)
Your skin looks beautiful!
alittlevan (2 months ago)
So happy for your skin journey!!!! Thanks for this skin routine. You’re so well spoken ❤️
Georgina Arias (2 months ago)
i’m so happy for you🥺
Ann Tran (2 months ago)
I honestly gave you 2 likes cause I have 2 accounts. I would give you 10 likes if I could. This is so helpful and straightforward. Thank you so much!!!
hefeelslikeivan (2 months ago)
I wish I could try Curology but I'm not in the US. :'(
Natural Beauty (2 months ago)
I have learned that my acne is a complication of hormones, toxins and maybe some skincare and makeup reactions. It went from mild to medium severe in about 2 yrs. I have been to a doctor and one of the best dermatologists in our area and nothing was working. It seemed to be getting worse.. so my sister bought my Proactive- (the kit of 3.) It comes with an amazing face wash, toner and repair cream. You have to do all 3 steps once in the morning, than once at night. If you don't do it twice a day, I find that it doesn't work as well. But if you do it twice a day than it has the perfect amount of power. It has helped me more than hundreds of skin experiments, several product swaps, the doctor, the dermatologist. So I ***highly recommend pro active!!!! I started for like 5 days and my skin is clearing up so much! And also my Dad who has amazing skin told me that he believes one of my acne problems is the time I wash my face at.. not washing it right after sports and excersize with soap and water. He uses and now I use *Caress daily silk soap bar! All you have to do is put your hair back in a washable headband, then take a wash cloth with warm water and rub some Caress soap bar onto the wash cloth and wash your face. It is a another great tip I so highly recommend! Ok. 1 more tip... Everyone should purchase a detoxifying face mask if you need a face mask. These three tips are bomb! 😜
Syahirah Shams (2 months ago)
I’ve always wanted curology products but they don’t ship internationally :((
The Girl Next Door (2 months ago)
I congratulate you on being able to overcome such a challenge. You are and will always be a great inspiration for everyone such as myself, who are trying to get past these stages of "uncomfortable skin features." Though I am not able to afford the products mentioned in the video, knowing the steps to take is a huge advantage if in case I am able to obtain something similar in the future. Thank you again, hope to see more similar content in the future. :)
日西ディエゴ (2 months ago)
quit tip: only drink water, and drink a lot
elle (2 months ago)
Hi Hana, first of all - congratulations!! Your skin is literally GLOWING. This may be a sensitive topic but do you know why you started breaking out? Your before pictures look a lot like my acne and I could never figure out why I broke out. I used to have a really clear skin but one day I woke up with acnes on my forehead and they just started spreading across my face like a wildfire :(
Rochelle Manalo (2 months ago)
I’m suffering from acne and acne marks especially on my right cheeks i don’t know how to get rid off them. Sometimes it’s gone but sometimes it appears on the same spot.😭 i don’t know what to do.😢
NINA (2 months ago)
Damn u did that !
Hamza ESSOUISSI (2 months ago)
Dermatologist acne treatment : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QeCEWDRCl4U

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