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Drunk Elephant Skincare Review + K-Beauty Dupes! 🐘

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Text Comments (466)
Natalie Wong (1 day ago)
can you review the b-hydra serum?
Tee Murrs (11 days ago)
They thankfully changed the packaging on cleasner packaging
Nafisa Chowdhury (16 days ago)
I wish to use Drunk elephant products but they're so expensive
Rose Denario (25 days ago)
woaahh, it was uploaded on my birthday
JustDave (1 month ago)
80 dollars? Seriously? Seriously?! Wtf is that made of? Diamonds? Uranium? Some synthetic atoms made by CERN?
Taylor Floyd (1 month ago)
I know I'm super late to this video and I know it wasn't about fashion, but can I ask you - How do you feel about ordering clothes from kooding? I've been tempted but would love to hear someone's opinion of their experience!
paradiseana1 ana (2 months ago)
I think it's worth paying the big bucks if it really works and it makes you feel good to pamper yourself we all deserve that. Joan your nails are to die for like the nail color comb and your rocking that Tee luv the color/lettering. You look good in yellow.
Neisa Ayala (2 months ago)
Yesterday i purchased everything you didnt like.. :u
Eithne McGonigle (2 months ago)
Hey Joan, where do you go for your facials in Seoul? Thanks!
ngie16_ Lama (2 months ago)
Where can you buy drunk elephant products in Seoul?
ChasingQueenie (3 months ago)
This was so hard to watch. You kept on saying "and" over and over and over agaaaain. Just begin with new thoughts or new sentences. No need to keep on over pronouncing and saying AND.
All Over The Place (3 months ago)
How about this kind of video for Sunday Riley products?
Shannon Leong (3 months ago)
Hi Joan, what’s your opinion between Drunk Elephant and The Ordinary?
Optimism 111 (3 months ago)
I heard drunk elephant c firma lasts for 72 hours so you dont need to apply every morning and also framboos use only twice to thrice a week
Rosi Wulandari (4 months ago)
Hallo from indonesia. My skin is dry and sensitive type. Whats this suitable for dry and sensitive skin?
Katy Leep (4 months ago)
Same issue with the cleanser!! It emptied out in my travel bag! Same with the spf in a travel size. Glad they changed it. I have since switched over to all k-beauty thanks to your reviews 😀
Trung Tran (4 months ago)
Trung Tran (4 months ago)
T Moore (4 months ago)
Which COSRX product replaces the DE Framboos? You never said the name of it. I am out of my DE and was about to order some when I saw your video! PLEASE HELP
Edreilyn Dinero (5 months ago)
Hi miss joan! Have you heard about centellian 24 madeca cream? They say it's a HG Cream for acne. Maybe you can review it also ☺️
Rayhana Shuva (5 months ago)
What is the best product for acne scar removal?
Hafsa Ali (6 months ago)
I have really bad texture on my face and was wondering which product would you recommend??
Itsme Joanna (6 months ago)
Do you think i should buy the oil? But im already using rose hip oil.
Jae C (7 months ago)
What order do you recommend using the products in? I got the drunk elephant littles and don’t know exactly how the oil fits in there
LLynn (7 months ago)
too expensive :(
Green with Anvy (7 months ago)
I highly recommend you try the Pekee Bar! It's my all time favorite cleanser. Thank you so much for the review on the other DE products!
nguyễn nhung (7 months ago)
My skin is complete changed after i’m using the t.l.c serum. I will try the vitc in future. Vitc for daytime and tlc for night time. Worth every pennies
Luis Martinez (7 months ago)
And also pro tip: squeeze appropriate amount of Umbra SPF onto the palm of your hands, warm it up with you palms and fingers by rubbing your hands together then press onto the skin💛
Luis Martinez (7 months ago)
Hey Joan! The reason why the eye duo is recommended is the same reasoning with face serums with face moisturizers. The shaba eye serum is a copper peptide rich product that stimulates collagen production to firm and tone lines and wrinkles but to also increase circulation and blood flow to reduce self inflicted darkness with the use of black tea. There's also niacinamide or Vitamin B3 for brightening as well. Just like a face serum, it is more potent that your face cream so an eye cream is a must. C-Tango is a basically a baby between their C-Firma and Protini Moisturizer. 5 blends of Vit C to correct sun damage, discoloration and stimulate collagen production to tighten and firm the under eye. Included is a blend of 8 peptides to correct, tone and firm the skin by triggering the eye to produce more collagen. Plus other antioxidants to protect from environmental damage!💛
L Shaw (7 months ago)
I love the jelly cleanser but the SMELL kills me! I can't use it because it's too much for me.
Rae Nguyen (7 months ago)
I usually dont check sephora’s review bc i heard before that they just delete negative reviews
BlankSpare (7 months ago)
why are Americans obsessed with the word "packaging"? They dont even use it in the correct sense.
Sam Dioneda (7 months ago)
What was the COSRX dupe for the TLC serum? ☹️
ThisIsACrappyUsername (7 months ago)
Omg I'm LOVING the hair! Xx
Mary Armstrong (7 months ago)
You look great Joan!
Grace Yoh (7 months ago)
I hope you have a new video on skin cream, body lotion! Nice video every time . Xoxo
Joshie Washie (7 months ago)
Joan, thanks for the insight and review! DE has been on my radar for a while now and I was curious to see what dupes I could find. This helped.
Naturally Quilo (7 months ago)
The marula oil and vitamin b-hydra gel are my favorite from drunk elephant. The marula oil is so silky it’s unbelievable! Definitely worth the price🙌🏾
stephanie KAam (7 months ago)
Can you please do a review on Dear Dhalia??
Courtney (7 months ago)
Even though those products are expensive, I trust your opinion and I’m willing to try them out.. one by one though cuz they gonna break my bank all at once 😄💫
cubicu123 (7 months ago)
I reviewed their tinted moisturizer on Sephora and it got deleted because it was negative. So, not sure how representative the overall reviews are on Sephora.
T Letran (7 months ago)
Hi Joan, check out the The Ordinary 30% AHA and 2% BHA. i tried both drunk elephant and the ordinary. they are no different except you can get The ordinary for only $8 ish . The ordinary really did a awesome job.
Kelly V (7 months ago)
I’m so confused with the Dutch words in these products? It’s a texas founded company... it’s pronounced frahm-bose btw
Nuha (7 months ago)
I loveeee the hair colour. Not sure about the haircut tho.
hnljojoilbvtgfyvgub (7 months ago)
hearts on sephora don't mean anything, I just use it to bookmark products I'm interested in and haven't bought yet lol
VENIKA. (7 months ago)
You’ve totally sold me on the TLC baby facial, I am currently trialling both the day and night system as well as the marula oil and moisturiser, I am excited to see some great results. Although I feel that because I am already familiar with acids I won’t see drastic results as some others do and for that price, I’m not willing to risk it!
Mindy Lim (8 months ago)
Hello Joan, do give the NEOGEN Day-Light Sun Protection Sunscreen a try. Love the light & non-greasy finish with no white cast! 💕 XOXO from Malaysia
Kim Daniel (8 months ago)
This was great. I’m an avid Drunk Elephant user owning every product in their line Re-buying it over and over as I’ve found it exceptional without compare. I don’t flinch at the price of skincare as it’s that important to me and admittedly I do believe you get what you pay for in this case. like Deunk Elephant with exceptional ingredients packaging research and their mindset of ethically sourced/packaged items. Also Particularly because it has no added fragrance or fragrant plant oils. I’ve tried a small number of Kbeauty items including some lovely skincare but always found it so confusing as it’s vast. This channel and of course this video helped quite a lot. I’ll always buy DE products but now I am interested in just seeing what else is available that I truly had no idea about.
Colleen (8 months ago)
Dangerous! This video makes me want to buy all drunk elephant products! 😍
gguk (8 months ago)
your hair Iooks amazing .. daMn
ARMY. V (8 months ago)
You are amazing person I love you ❤️
Ruthie R (8 months ago)
love this its super informative, i've always been super curious about this brand but i honestly can't see how the prices for them are justified. After trying k-skincare and knowing that i can get the same results at more than a fraction of the price i just can't bring myself to purchase it. They'll forever remain sitting in my shopping basket
Cindy St. Clair (8 months ago)
"How do I say this in English?" I love you Joan :))))
Mashael Abdallah (8 months ago)
Your new hair is wonderful you look beautiful 😍💕
CheerUp2 (8 months ago)
Cristina P. (8 months ago)
a good dupe for the Sukari si the mask from The Ordinary. same results at a fraction of the price. honestly, I feel like all Drunk Elephant products are fairly easily "dupeable" so I'm not sure it's worth the splurge
Heyterry (8 months ago)
Ah girl! Your bangs are bangin' 💕
Ak Edits (8 months ago)
i thought u r jhope's sister lol
Aireen Shaheera (8 months ago)
You look like IU in the thumbnail but love the hair 💞💞
M. G (8 months ago)
Why shouldn't you use vitamin c during daytime? Can't find any source of that, quite the oppsite actually.
Celine Sc (8 months ago)
Joan, Would like to know where can I buy it in Seoul?
Dana Nagata (8 months ago)
Thank you for the review! Definitely down the line I eventually want to try the drunk elephabt products because they definitely seem like a great brand!
Shane Audrey (8 months ago)
Love the hair!!
Seno Aditya (8 months ago)
Another glossier wanna be brand
Juliano (8 months ago)
this isnt a k-beauty dupe but The Ordinary's 2% BHA and 30% AHA is a lot cheaper and has higher AHA percentage level than the DE's Facial one. :)
Ledeb (8 months ago)
For vit c Serums for daytime the Hada Labo one is a good option! I mean it's a dupe for the price but the quality is totally on point!
Brenda Guerrero (8 months ago)
A really cool thing about the jelly cleanser is that it used to be ph 6.2 but the company listened to consumer feedback and lowered it to 5.9 just months after first launching!
VKS Dub (8 months ago)
I am surprised that you didnt try the B-Hydra. I use it together with the C-Firma. And compared to other hyaluronic/B5 combo serums, the price isnt too bad. But I like that its in a gel/cream formulation instead of a more liquid one. And the glow that i get after the combined application is amazing. I always seem to run out of the B-Hydra before the C-Firma though and so i am using the Ordinarys Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5.
Raisya Aviani (8 months ago)
yay for k-beauty dupes!
Phoo Phoo (8 months ago)
Drunk elephant vitamin c serum and kiehl's vitamin c serum which one better??? :)
Tanakrit YSK (8 months ago)
☺️new hair beautiful
Andreea Popa (8 months ago)
why can't you just learn to match the plural in the subject with the plural form of the verb already? "some of the products i'll be showing you guys, it's been like a month or two since i have used it..." no, some products=them. and it's so annoying to watch you repeat this damn mistake so often. fix this already - it's way overdue for a supposedly professional public person. it's embarrassing, you are a native english speaker after all!
Andreea Popa (7 months ago)
dear, english is not my native language, but it is joan's. she said so and i believe her. living in korea is no excuse, she uses english on a regular basis. idk in what capacity you offer me to take it or leave it. honestly, she worked hard for her 397k, who are you to come chase us away? mine was not a rude comment, but obviously a piece of constructive criticism. joan will have to suffer professionally if her english is faulty. she needs to fix this. not last, because i'm sure hundreds if not thousands of girls try to improve their english by listening to her speak.
Lauren Miller (7 months ago)
um, anyone who's studied another language can tell you how difficult it is to go between once you're semi-fluent. And in Joan's case, she lives in Korea right now, so while she does use English in her vlogs, I'm sure she uses Korean a lot more. Either accept it or just don't watch, there's no need to leave rude comments.
Hebron Marut (8 months ago)
Omg i love your hair!! you look so much like IU in the thumbnail lmao
True Tpo (8 months ago)
What programs do video editing? So cuteee !!
tan betty (8 months ago)
i just love it! 😘😘😘
Jasmine Su (8 months ago)
Fanisa Fea (8 months ago)
the ordinary have aha 30%+2%bha serum-mask type.(leave it 10minute and wash off) i never dare enough to try both highly aha bha concentration but it sound similar..anyone compare them yet? and btw i think u never talk about the ordinary product at all..so u try it yet and not impressed or not interesting at all?the pricetag is super affordable and its has good effectivity too..
Marjan (8 months ago)
Great video thanks for the review . I am going to try the AHA and BHA treatment. Have heard great reviews and you have confirmed it too. Many thanks
evelina davliakou (8 months ago)
please can you make more skin care videos? <3
Lilzzz T (8 months ago)
i have the marula oil and it is one of the best products i have!!
Cristal Nuno (8 months ago)
can you test Sunday Riley products next, please!
CiTy KIM Productions (8 months ago)
Natelie Lam (8 months ago)
maybe try and shorten your sentences and explanations in the future because it gets boring when you keep harping on the same point over and over again.
Yolanda Chen (8 months ago)
You look so good! That lip colour looks bomb on you and the marula oil is quite amazing! The ordinary one isn't too bad tho
Tom-Tom Vlogs (8 months ago)
Love your new hair!
Natalie Marquez (8 months ago)
You should do a giveaway with mini drunk elephant products!! I’d love to try!
Mercedes V-Z (8 months ago)
i looooove your haiiiirrr
Skjamy World (8 months ago)
Drunk elephant is reaaaaally expensive
Nurse Kellie (8 months ago)
Would you repurchase the c-tango eye cream?
Nii Cole (8 months ago)
Hi Joan, which Dr. Jart sunscreen are you referring to in the description box? :)
Hope Wimer (8 months ago)
Actually, vitamin C is not photosensitizing. It is an antioxidant which can reduce free radical damage caused by UV sun damage.
Krissie Enriq (8 months ago)
Can i say i love the nails??? N Olive was sooo good when i tried it!! 😍😍
JinxedKaetzchen (8 months ago)
Love your new hair, Joan! I love Drunk Elephant as a brand. Some things, worked while others did not - expected for skincare though :) T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial - I didn't have that much of stinging or if I did it didn't bother me. I do like this product and the smoothness it leaves my skin feeling. I don't find the eye creams worth the money - many others out there that are great! Didn't like the Sunscreen as well due to major white cast :( Favorites are: Lala Retro cream, Virgin Marula Oil, Protini Polypeptide cream, and Lippie. <3 Thanks for your review!
Delshad Xenakis (8 months ago)
Thanks so much girl for sharing! Right now I have the V-C eye cream and love it. Want to try some other stuff too and now I totally will! :)
Becky W (8 months ago)
You look different from the last time I saw you. If i ever get fillers i tell my family to tell me when i go over board. And I am going to be that family member for you. Please stop. You are beautiful any more your lips and cheeks will look deformed.
Wade M (8 months ago)
A good dupe for the sukari babyfacial is the ordinary 30% aha and 2% bha chemical peel. I highly recommend>
Kim Tran (8 months ago)
Joan I’m loving this new hair !! Definitely one of my favourites 💗💕👏🏼
Maria Andres (8 months ago)
What beats me is why they write in frensh on the products, when it's IMPOSSIBLE, to get in France.
Tammy M.B. (8 months ago)
Love the new hair. I didn't recognize you :oo
Marie O (8 months ago)
Joan ur always ahead of the curve, i was hoping someone would do a video like this since i heard so many good things about this brand especially their eye cream! P.s LOVE the hair 😍
Hajra Jamal (8 months ago)
The ordinary has a dupe for the babyfacial.

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