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SKINCARE ROUTINE: My Must Have Products 2018 | Stephanie Ledda

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Hi guys! Today I'm sharing my *UPDATED* skincare routine! These are my favorite products to use recently! FACIAL I GOT RECENTLY!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGRJHjzIPrQ * I have normal/combination skin & I'm 28!* PRODUCTS MENTIONED: DRUNK ELEPHANTE JELLY CLEANSER http://bit.ly/2PglmM3 AVEENO ULTRA CALMING CLEANSER http://bit.ly/2QrFLdu BIODERMA MICELLAR WATER http://bit.ly/2PdQfk8 SIMPLE MICELLAR WIPES http://bit.ly/2Ph9WYj PAULAS CHOICE 2% BHA LIQUID http://bit.ly/2Pdcdnv DRUNK ELEPHANT PROTINI POLYPEPTIDE CREAM http://bit.ly/2PiGh16 PURITY EYE CREAM http://bit.ly/2Phzkxk ELEMIS PEPTIDE EYE CREAM http://bit.ly/2PhVBe8 GIFT SET WITH ELEMIS (BETTER DEAL!*)http://bit.ly/2Qp72gH PAULAS CHOICE ESSENTIAL GLOW DAILY MOISTURIZER http://bit.ly/2QmPW3e JULEP NO EXCUSES SUNSCREEN GEL http://bit.ly/2PeYGvQ ELEMIS PEPTIDE NIGHT CREAM OIL http://bit.ly/2QrGPOw GIFT SET WITH ELEMIS (BETTER DEAL!*)http://bit.ly/2Qp72gH DMK REVISE A CREAM (think you need to buy through a med spa, esthetician) FARMACY HONEYMOON GLOW http://bit.ly/2QqyYke SUMMER FRIDAYS OVERTIME MASK http://bit.ly/2PfNfUl DR DENNIS GROSS SPRECRALITE LED MASK http://bit.ly/2PeZ3qf SWEATER: http://bit.ly/2PhO9ji T SHIRT: NECKLACE: https://bit.ly/2sFxwDr (on 21” Alex chain) **use STEPH to get a discount on your order!** RING: https://bit.ly/2hzMwug **use STEPH to get a discount on your order!** LIPS: http://bit.ly/2Phry6z “Velvet Teddy” NAIL: JAS Nail #107 *not sponsored, some links are affiliate links doe*
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Text Comments (275)
Mich Elle (15 hours ago)
Jennifer shares skin care https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvsfVyJo194
Selina (3 days ago)
you look like vanessa in gossip girl
Green fire (11 days ago)
I just read about this myself and could not not share.. apparently National Toxicology program classifies BHA as a carsinogen .. so maybe that product is not as good for you in a long run..
GlamrGirl98 (11 days ago)
I just ordered the Elemis kit that you mentioned from QVC. I cant wait to try it! It has great reviews!!
Olivia Bunting (12 days ago)
ugh please do a hair tutorial... so pretty!
ChosenSonOfGod (12 days ago)
Cool mask. Now you can get good skin while trick-or-treating!
tinytwin29 (13 days ago)
Love this! thank you so much for explaining each product!
Marivel Felan (15 days ago)
I hope you see this comment! The honey moon glow is supposed to be an exfoliating product? So if I currently use an exfoliating product right now & want to use the honey moon glow I would replace my old one right? Like not use both? Hope this make sense 😩
Roxanna Guerrero (18 days ago)
Thanks so much for sharing you have beautiful skin!
Elisa Aguilar (20 days ago)
I love you and think you are beautiful. I think you should watch how much you say “like”. It’s distracting. But I love you, not trying to be a B*
Alyssa Cardin (21 days ago)
You are so amazing. My friend just started out on YouTube please check out her channel. m.youtube.com/channel/UCc8UPMt-sJSys4dNpQnP94Q
Ashley Rose (22 days ago)
You’re always flawless so is your skin!! 😍😍❤️ mine is currently broken out and I feel so sad!! My dermatologist gave me something but it burns my skin then dries it 😩
alina mdo (23 days ago)
my product are the boom.  https://alfaluna.kyani.com/en-us/
Toni Ann Tsoukaris (26 days ago)
Ask and you shall receive! Lol thank you xoxo 💕💋
BostonBarbieDoll (26 days ago)
Looking 4 A Sunscreen For Oily Skin ( Acne Prone Also ) That Works, Has A Tint And Doesn't Pill Up. Hopefully Mineral. Does It Exist !? xx
Aneesa Hall (26 days ago)
That summer Friday’s scrub has turmeric for brighting too! And omg you’re so silly for that drake lyric part 💕😂
donnacal4 (27 days ago)
‘When I’m walking around the house like a Power Ranger..’ 😂 you crack me up!
jacqueline smith (28 days ago)
How old are you? And when did you get serious about your skin care routine?
George Krozos (28 days ago)
Does anyone know if drunk elephant does black friday sale?
Brandy Fife (28 days ago)
Between the drunk elephant and Paula’s choice moisturizer, which one do you like better?
Haley Woodrum (29 days ago)
you have been glowing lately!
Candice X (29 days ago)
How don’t you have a million subscribers already
Misty Ewing (29 days ago)
I see some of my faves on that list! The Elemis peptide products and the Julep sunscreen and Paula’s Choice bha.
ovoll (29 days ago)
!!!Full face of Hourglass!!!
Taylor Nemetz (29 days ago)
Jenn Miller (1 month ago)
Hey Slut! Do something real like go live unedited :) you’re such a transition fake ass slut living in shit hole upstate NY. Scumbag bitch.
anggierosa (1 month ago)
You're almost at a million subs! I'm so proud & happy for you, I've been a sub since your "glistening eyes & burgundy lips" vid some years back 💓 Can't wait until you start your vlogs in December those are my absolute favorite! ❤️
Marisa Orosco (1 month ago)
You get prettier every video I watch! So stunning!
tillardranch (1 month ago)
I’m here for the outtakes 🤣
Kelly Dunbar (1 month ago)
Wish she did an actual routine instead of a talk through
Little Miss Chatterbox (1 month ago)
I just got prescribed the DMK vitamin C yesterday, I’d never heard of the brand so really glad it was in your routine. Your skin is goals!! ❤️
Ashley Perez (1 month ago)
PLEEEEASE. Do a fragrance review! I peep Chanel Mademoiselle.... (I’m guessing) in the background. That is my faaaaavoite scent so I would love to hear some suggestions for those who want to beach off the scent of mademoiselle!
Spunkkmeyer3 (1 month ago)
Just ordered the Paula’s choice 2% bha ...! Can’t wait for t to come in 😁
Rachel Mistofsky (1 month ago)
You’re one of the few I’ll take skin care advice from because your skin looks stunning!!! 💜
Tamy Hope (1 month ago)
Your so beautiful naturally girl you don’t need none of these ❤️❤️❤️
Icey8682 (1 month ago)
Lol you got the light functions completely wrong...the blue light kills bacteria and acne and the red light builds collagen and is anti aging
Ros with 1 s (1 month ago)
Your skin is beautiful!
LilyBeeYourself (1 month ago)
BioDerma is the best! Nothing beats it.
Megan Blakley (1 month ago)
I LOVE the honeymoon glow AHA serum!! I got it off another you tubers recommendation about a month ago and I haven't stopped using it since!! It has helped with the acne scarring and blackheads soooooo incredibly much!! <3 I want to try the Paula's Choice BHA liquid! Now that I see you use both, I really want to order that one! LOL
Sabina Unji (1 month ago)
Hi Steph! What type of skin do you have? 😍
Mermaid Sex (1 month ago)
Did I miss a specific detail during your video...? What is your skin type?? 🤔
Emmy (1 month ago)
Mermaid Sex combo/normal - it’s in the description bar
Jaime Batton (1 month ago)
Love this I use so much of your skincare routine stuff love this ❤️
Dayanara Ruiz (1 month ago)
Definitely need to try some of these products!
Imane Demou (1 month ago)
Love this kinds of videos. You are so beautiful. The LED mask. the red for anti-aging and the blue for Acne i work with LED lighy therapy that why i know 😉
SMLx0 (1 month ago)
Imane Demou yes I said it backwards! Oops lol
Verzwijvelen (1 month ago)
Guys, do yourselves a favor and go and check out Dr Dray's channel. She's a dermatologist and has the best advice on how to take care of your skin!
Tanya Karazan (1 month ago)
I LITERALLY have bought so much that you’ve suggested...clothes skincare ect. You are a constant positive and happy spot in my life with your videos. Thanks for being you!!😘
SMLx0 (1 month ago)
Tanya Karazan aww thank you so much! I’m so glad to hear that!
Brittney J (1 month ago)
Great video!!! I have been wanting to update my skincare routine and there were so many products mentioned that I have to try now. Thank you for all the great recommendations! ❤️
Melissa Wohl (1 month ago)
Love your videos! Can I ask what camera you use for your videos? Much love from Miami! Xoxo
SMLx0 (1 month ago)
Melissa Wohl Canon 70d!
Jessica C (1 month ago)
YOUR HAIR!!!!!!!!!!! Girrrrrrrrrrrrrrl, I'm dying! It looks gorgeous! I couldn't stop staring at it the whole video. Lol. Love your videos!
Anna Kuruch (1 month ago)
Great video!!! So many new products for me! I use Peter Thomas Roth anti-aging cleanser! It is so good, you need tiniest amount and cleanse my skin perfectly! 💗 I need to pick up some of your recommendations!
Jaclynne Burns (1 month ago)
Can you do a video about your favorite books?! 💕
Allie Downing (1 month ago)
I am an esthetician and i appreciate you talking about the medical grade skincare and the difference it makes in your skin!! <3 :) love you
Karla Herrera (1 month ago)
What a great video! I own a few of those products and do love them but I will be adding to my routine bc I need skin like yours! You are so gorgeous. Could you do a hair routine next, shampoo/ conditioner and any hair masks or oils you use please
Wafa Hussain (1 month ago)
How often do you use the Farmacy serum? 🙂
Nikki Blasi (1 month ago)
omg the best skin ever
Jerrica Poetzman (1 month ago)
Do you wash your face before using that summer friday mask?
Jerrica Poetzman (1 month ago)
SMLx0 thank you for responding!! 😍😍😍
SMLx0 (1 month ago)
Jerrica Poetzman yes apply to clean/bare skin! If I didn’t wear makeup that day I just apply it to my bare skin!
Nikki Anthony (1 month ago)
Who is excited for vlogmas??
Katie Douglas (1 month ago)
Why is she the cutest!!!! Love her clothes, love her personality, love her face. Wanna be best friends? Ok fine
SMLx0 (1 month ago)
Katie Douglas ok fine 🤣🤣
nataschalia (1 month ago)
You are one of the few you tubers I still enjoy watching. You don’t scream into the camera, are genuinely funny and and down to earth. love watching your vlogs and can’t wait for December!
Lynn G (1 month ago)
makeup details please 😍
Phuong Chuong (1 month ago)
Yes! I love the Simple products. I started using them when they first came out and I’m still a believer! Try the green packages one. It’s for Sensitive Skin and it’s my hands down fave. It takes off EVERYTHING including liquid lipstick!
Missquichante (1 month ago)
Velvet Teddy on your lips?? With which lipliner? I have velvet Teddy but it looks way more peach on me. On this video it is more purple.... Which liner did you pair it with? 😘😘
SMLx0 (1 month ago)
Missquichante NYX Nude beige !
harajukuLoverrrrr (1 month ago)
Where’s the container from? So cute
esther garcia (1 month ago)
Not trying to be rude or annoying, but is she no longer with her boyfriend? I don't longer see him on Pictures with her.
esther garcia (1 month ago)
+SMLx0 Oh that´s so nice. You are one of my favorite couples and all that we see about you guys on your vlogmas! Hope we see him like last year. Best wishes from México! :)
SMLx0 (1 month ago)
esther garcia I am. I jus don’t post about it!
Leticia romero (1 month ago)
Hey Steph! I recently bought the sun bum face spf 50 lotion? Something like that but I really am enjoying it and it’s very affordable 👍🏼
Jannyka XO (1 month ago)
I can't wait til your vlogmas! 😬😊
Kara Denise (1 month ago)
So many favorites in your collection like the Honey Moon Glow and Summer Friday’s 💖😍
Niki Pea (1 month ago)
We love a good skincare routine
Suleima Moya (1 month ago)
Why is the 1Mil taking forever?! You deserve it!!!
Samantha Demi (1 month ago)
You can easily pass for Megan Fox in this video! 😍 Always beautiful, Steph!
beachy keen (1 month ago)
You are prettiest girl on you tube
Brooklyn Anne (1 month ago)
your skin is legit flawless so thank u for this💕
Selma Vila (29 days ago)
Jenn Miller what does transition girl mean
Jenn Miller (1 month ago)
Brooklyn Anne it’s called editing. She has filters and softeners on her camera, she’s admitted that. She’s fake as fuck. I’ve seen her personally in Target in New Hartford NY. She’s a transition girl.
Jenn Miller (1 month ago)
I’m tagging Courtney Banks and she can see all the shit you guys talked about her work on your hair you dumb bitch. You’re a fucking cunt
Zina Haddow (1 month ago)
I’ve been watching u since day 1 and u get more gorgeous every time
Nurse Noosha (1 month ago)
Omg I seriously literally just received my package from Paula’s Choice because of your last video 😂 well....time to make a few new orders 😂 #skincaregoals
Carol Parrish (1 month ago)
Love your videos. I can’t wait for vlogmas - even though I know it is giving you anxiety.
Vanessa Gomez (1 month ago)
Are you going to do vlogmas this year
Brandy Fife (1 month ago)
Lmao at the both part
Brandy Fife (1 month ago)
I use the honeymoon glow to so at least I’m doing something right lol
Brandy Fife (1 month ago)
*goes to buy everything Stephanie recommends*
Kristin Miniscalco (1 month ago)
Great vid !!! Wat r u wearing on your lips ?? Luv it!🤗🤗
Jenn Miller (1 month ago)
Why don’t you ever shout out or show love to the people who make you what you are. You barely ever do a give away, you’d be nothing without them, stop being selfish and show some love to the people who got you where you are. Selfish, conceited narcissistic bitch
SMLx0 (1 month ago)
Jenn Miller well I certainly wouldn’t want you to win 😂
Anna Macmaster (1 month ago)
I love that you explaind what the product has in it.. I wanna try that paulas choice products u mention it alot so it must be good.🙌
Carolina Munoz (1 month ago)
What mascara are you using?!?!??
Misharee Woods (1 month ago)
Super wet😄💦💦💦😂😂
Elodie Johnson (1 month ago)
Mask off! Haha. love your videos.....
Kayla Weber (1 month ago)
You should try the Coola sunscreen (can get at Sephora) it’s “clean” and so amazing. Also the white tea one smells sooo good but they also have an unscented one
beirness (1 month ago)
Paula's Choice changed my life! Love to see it getting some love, it's a hidden gem.
Carissa Rochelle (1 month ago)
Love this video! I have such a skin care obsession, even if others don't have the same skin type as me💖 also I'd love to see a video on this makeup look! So simple looking but so gorgeous!!
Chelsea Richter (1 month ago)
Tutorial on this look plz !!!
Brooke Davis (1 month ago)
I 100% trust your recommendations. I've actually taken better care of my skin since watching your videos. Side note...what is on your lips? It's a gorgeous color and your makeup just looks beautiful today.
KweenLatifa87 (1 month ago)
Does the paulas choice bha help with texture? I'm trying to find a product that takes away the white and blackheads I feel is trapped deep within my skin! 😫 exfoliating does not help:(
Emmy (1 month ago)
The farmacy serum should help with that! Also the murad aha/bha cleanser and the Mario Bedescu glycolic toner
ayy9 (1 month ago)
KweenLatifa87 for me it doesn’t help with blackheads but it does help with those tiny bumps on my forehead. Try it!
Savannah Foreman (1 month ago)
LMAO the Drake while you were wearing the mask took me out
Erika Poirier (1 month ago)
Yeah, i love skincare video girl my fave 😊♥️♥️
Kelsey Smith (1 month ago)
OMG I just started using the ultra calming aveeno for the same reason. As I've gotten older my skin has completely changed...it is more dry, can I have oily skin again please?! I swear the dry skin came out of nowhere and I had no clue what to try. But the aveeno is bombbbb.
J Andersen (1 month ago)
how long does your skincare routine take?
Haley Scotese (1 month ago)
What perfumes are in the back?
Emmy (1 month ago)
Haley Scotese Chanel, Valentino, Carolina Herrera, and Poison
Sharon S (1 month ago)
If I slather all of this on my face will I look like Stephanie? Lol...One can dream! 💕
Amanda Waller (1 month ago)
love your skincare videos!!!
Dragana (1 month ago)
Isn’t blue light for acne ?
Dragana (1 month ago)
SMLx0 oh okay!! I was confused for a moment. LOOOL🤣🤣
SMLx0 (1 month ago)
Dragana yes I just realized I said it backwards! Lol

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