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Did someone say...Vlogmas Day 4? Today's vlog is all about SKIN CARE! As we are transitioning from fall to winter, taking care of my skin is my NUMBER ONE priority!! Take a peak at my newest and updated skin care routine!! If you didn't catch today's Self-Care Challenge, here it is: Drink 8 glasses of water for the day!! Stay tuned for tomorrow's challenge!! Follow me: INSTAGRAM | https://www.instagram.com/itsheymorgan/ TWITTER | https://twitter.com/itsheymorgan FAQ: How old are you? 22 What camera do you film with? Nikon D5200 What do you edit with? Final Cut Pro X Business Inquiries? Contact: jack@wearefoundation.co
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Text Comments (74)
Kat&Keys (21 hours ago)
Morgannn....girl.....what pores lol. Your skin is flawlessss!
Pursuitofsimplicity (1 day ago)
Great video. You didn’t mention the details for all the products you mentioned. Most of us don’t want to miss them - in the hopes we’ll get fly skin like yours. :-) Can you please add a list of the products to the video description?
Carol Buchanan (1 day ago)
Morgan will you please list all of your skin products. Your skin looks amazing 😉
Carol Buchanan (1 day ago)
I actually found your video on a previous vlog that you listed the products on..Thanks
Bri's Beauty (2 days ago)
Woooo chile .. did Morgan just say EIGHT glasses of water?? 😱 We gone try this challenge tomorrow because today's not the day okay! 😂 But in all seriousness I'm so thankful I came across your channel once again & its a blessing for not only me, but for the people who take time out of their day & just listening to you speak inspirations and aspirations into the world! 💛 We definitely could use more people like you in the world Morgan , God bless you! 🙏🌻
Sara Berzinji (2 days ago)
Please do a meet and greet I ly soooo much and really want to meet you
Siara (2 days ago)
girl your skin is so even im jelly
Angelic Analogy (3 days ago)
I am working on my skin! I have started back with consuming water. I hope my skin gets better. It is very sensitive.
cece (3 days ago)
Jervina Korkoya (3 days ago)
Morgan's gorgeous even as "dry n crusty"
Jo'van Young (3 days ago)
Mariah still making money from that song
Becky Walker (3 days ago)
areeba syeda (3 days ago)
“And my skin is just gonna fall of my face” I’m dead 😂😂
Peyton Comeaux (3 days ago)
Morgan: do you see these pores?? Us: no. No we don’t.
Its just Lex (3 days ago)
Morgan :these pores are craters on my face Me *looks in mirror* cries at my pore size
Patricia Twiggie (4 days ago)
could you do a full body skin care routine??
Muraiye Xo (4 days ago)
Sis u forgot The Eye cream
doris irungu (4 days ago)
Morgan: dry and crusty Me: why is it glowing???????????
Sydnie Marlella (4 days ago)
Best skin on YouTube hands down 💛
Tierra (1 day ago)
Sydnie Marlella FACTS ! 👏🏽✨
Brianna Williams (4 days ago)
Unless your camera has a filter I don’t see dry, crusty or any pores. 🤨🔍🔎
Onyx Overton (4 days ago)
Onyx Overton (4 days ago)
I Aspire to become a Flawless SKINT Icon like our gorgeous Morgan 💕😩💕
Onyx Overton (4 days ago)
Just Janice (4 days ago)
Honey if that’s what dry and crusty looks like when you wake up thennnn honey give me your skin 😩
Naomy Shaw (4 days ago)
Ur face was glowing even before u did ur skin routine. 😍
KleenFit KB (4 days ago)
You’re always glowing! 💕
Simply Brittanys (4 days ago)
Dry and Crusty where?? 🕵🏾‍♀️
Starry Sky (4 days ago)
I also love your content.
Starry Sky (4 days ago)
Hey Morgan, you should apply your products in an upward motion, it prevents early sagging of your skin. You’ll thank me later. I’m going to be joining the YouTube community shortly.😉
Tamara (4 days ago)
Her skin gives me lifeeeeeee😍🤩
Jasmine (4 days ago)
Your personality is contagious! Loving this consistency girl
melinated gimini (4 days ago)
Whats brand of pads are those.
Zandile Funde (4 days ago)
Video posted on my birthday has a twerk intro, SHMOOD! 🔥...💕
Maryan Arzu (4 days ago)
What's the name of the mask u used for ur skin?
Kenresha Smith (4 days ago)
Can we just talk about your bomb nails along with the glowing skin
MissMena (4 days ago)
😂😂😂 Your energy is amazing!!😂
ryan tabb (4 days ago)
When you come here just to say you are going to do the gallon of water challenge... but you will also be back to watch Vlogmas while you cook dinner
ItsHeyMorgan (4 days ago)
ryan tabb YAS! I also was thinking to give it another try!!
Diamonique Johnson (4 days ago)
One of my faves ❤️
K.Karismaa Tv (4 days ago)
i needed thissss
ItsHeyMorgan (4 days ago)
K.Karismaa Tv Yes, let’s get that skin together!!
Tabb J. TV (4 days ago)
I must say this hairstyle is amazing on you. Who did the braiding and what is this style called exactly
Lola Lindtz (4 days ago)
theyre "messy" microbraids. If you want a similar style done you can show your braider pics of zoe kravitz. but its also a simple look to do at home
Jasmine kuwonu (4 days ago)
If that's dry and crusty I want to look dry and crusty
Queensley (4 days ago)
You say dry and crusty!??? Where!!! My dry and crusty has levels lol 😂😭😭😭
Juliaohlalaa (4 days ago)
Queensley lol exactly
Jasmine kuwonu (4 days ago)
I just came from school I clicked this so fast!!😆😆😆 we need your secret to your beauty
Camicat 7734 (4 days ago)
"Excuse me, where your invite? You don't have one? You have to go" Lmao wow. Loved the video!
Nadia Hixon (4 days ago)
0 dislikes because it’s impossible to not like morgan
Kendra Malet (4 days ago)
That intro was everything!! Love you Queen 😘
Miracle !! (4 days ago)
I swear you have such pretty skin !!!
Tyteyona M (4 days ago)
That intro 🙌🏽😂 your dry and crusty vs my dry and crust are COMPLETELY different 🤦🏽‍♀️
Aja Patrick (4 days ago)
yay i have sensitive skin! thank you!!!
Bella Willetts (4 days ago)
Ugh you will forever and always be one of my favorite youtubers, just such a positive spirit <3
nina northen (4 days ago)
Hey Morgan ❤
Lily Dotson (4 days ago)
Ugh yes I struggle with the same skin problems,thank you soooo much for the video
ItsHeyMorgan (4 days ago)
Of course!! More skincare coming soon!!
Lena S (4 days ago)
ooh guuurl love that intro👑
joyous soul (4 days ago)
the quality I needed ☀️ Morgan: Dry & crusty Me: *squints eyes * I only see glowing, even toned, & gorgeous skin 💕❤️
Sophia Cassándra (4 days ago)
Niki Grant (4 days ago)
You are so pretty😀
Ruqiya Imam (4 days ago)
Your vlogs are LIT!! Love from London xx Love you gurl
Nayah (3 days ago)
London Girls 😍
ItsHeyMorgan (4 days ago)
Thanks for watching!! xo
Andreska Drakes (4 days ago)
the early bird, catches the worm💛💛💛
ItsHeyMorgan (4 days ago)
jldy aa (4 days ago)
Hi morgan☺
Kim (4 days ago)
Ashley Harris (4 days ago)
That intro though, yes slay bae 🍒
T ss (4 days ago)
Urtė Sireikaitė (4 days ago)
Yasss gurl ,but I can't procrastinate homework right now so I'mma watch it later XD
ItsHeyMorgan (4 days ago)
Haha! Get that homework done boo!! See you laterrrrr

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