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I hope you enjoyed my skincare routine/how i cleared up my skin & acne! was quite the wild ride LOL I love you guys so much♡ don't forget to subscribe to make me happyyyyy: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=memyselfandmell OPEN FOR A BIG HUG!! yay u got a big hug :)) BUY MY MERCHHH: https://www.merchmeet.com/collections/mel-joy BUY MY JEWELRY: http://www.luvgems.com/collections/meljoy Leave video suggestions down below! :) you guys are da best ♡ Let's be friends! Twitter: meljoy Instagram: mel.joy Tumblr: memyselfandmell.tumblr.com Pinterest: memyselfandmell Snapchat: memyselfandmell Vlog Channel: https://www.youtube.com/MelJoyVlogs Send me stuff! My P.O. Box: Mel Joy 205 De Anza Blvd. #319 San Mateo, CA 94402-3989 if you see this comment "mel loves me & i kno it" cause i doo:') use my code MEL100 for $100 in delivery credit: https://postmates.onelink.me/5uYG?pid... Sign up for Ebates to get cashback here! (get money just for shopping) https://www.ebates.com/r/MEMYSE148 FTC: this video is not sponsored.
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Mel Joy (9 months ago)
hiiii my loves:) hope u found today's vid helpful & lemme kno any other vids u wanna see from mee! love u all sm xx
Stelena's Wish (1 month ago)
Mel loves me and I Kno it
So I love this video. But now I want to know how to get your amazing has line 😍😍😍
Amanda Smith (4 months ago)
Ima be honest ily but it was kinda hard to follow along cuz I never really knew anything about skin care and I still kind of dont
TEAM MALTO (6 months ago)
ty for this vid. was inspired not to give up so thanks.
Magdalena Derezic (2 days ago)
How is she prettier without makeup what the actual fuck wow
Ana Julia Araujo (7 days ago)
My skin is so bad and bumpy. I am 11 and don’t even wear makeup. Uhhh.
Iworkwithnitwits (8 days ago)
You kind of look like Megan Fox.
Noor Chaudhry (9 days ago)
ok wow your a gorgeous human being omg
Penelope Hamlet (10 days ago)
I have struggled with acne for years and a few months ago i came across this product: https://www.ellenlange.com/products/retexturizing-peel-kit which has not only helped tremendously with my acne but has also transformed the overall texture of my skin. I know it seems pricey but it comes with nearly 8 peels. I would highly recommend.
foster clouds (12 days ago)
why tf is you wearing make up? literally you wake up looking like a model. like youre face is PERFECTLY shaped and it looks so soft n OMYYGODD wtffff im so jealous
Biszark (14 days ago)
I’m fricken 11 and I need this 😒
Lorn0graphy (15 days ago)
She gives me Madison Beer vibes
mylifeaskatelyn (16 days ago)
Has anyone tried this and is it for oily or dry skin
Jerhmii (17 days ago)
Actually beautiful
Jerhmii (17 days ago)
I think I just fell in love🤤 that outfit and her eyes😍
Bud Rya (19 days ago)
Good for you.
SivanG Skincare (21 days ago)
Sivan G Skin Care Products 20% Off with Free Shipping in the United States! www.sivangskincare.com products are formulated with a blend of natural ingredients and scientific research, to create the perfect solution for brighter skin. We deliver highest quality, effective, safe products that are designed for living and enhance one’s natural beauty, every day.
Grace Tunnelle (22 days ago)
Hi I love you so much I was so insecure about my skin too I had terrible acne on my forehead This cleared up evrething and my skin is so flawless now Thank you you are a blessing from God!!❤️
Jasmine Santana (23 days ago)
Neli Neli (24 days ago)
u are gorgeous😍
Nancy Ochoa (24 days ago)
What is that spot treatment cream called?!? Can you link it please!!
Alexander Alli (25 days ago)
Ur really cute and cool girl ur boyfriend is a lucky son of a bi*ch 😂
Laura J. (25 days ago)
U look so much like Madison Beer
Ravneet Kaur (25 days ago)
r these all products availaible in canada
Henry Schweezy (26 days ago)
I personally use Burt's Bees products for my acne, they work really well and my face was clear in less than a week! I would highly recommend to anyone trying to get rid of acne. I'll leave my routine down below! 1. Pore Refining Scrub: https://amzn.to/2OHgIlh 2. Clarifying Toner: https://amzn.to/2FnCXxf 3. Tea Tree Pore Cleanser: https://amzn.to/2qMz6zy 4. Spot Treatment Cream: https://amzn.to/2qJzzT1 I used this routine for 3 days and it worked like a charm, so I highly recommend that ya'll go try it!
Just Teddy (27 days ago)
Damn, you're beautiful sis ❤ New subscriberrrr
band bam (28 days ago)
I’ve never been more in love
band bam (28 days ago)
To this day, I’m in love with you
1time1 (29 days ago)
You kinda look like young Courtney Cox
Sipan (29 days ago)
kik me: iloveunohomoo :P
Lina Lobelia (1 month ago)
I really have to stop touching my face, I do that often without knowing.
Mikha M (1 month ago)
Lemme just say, you are so pretty!!!
Theresa Vaccaro (1 month ago)
How to get overhydrated tho?
K. Phen (1 month ago)
almost didnt recognize you w your black hair
Justin Andreea (1 month ago)
You look like Megan Fox
Ochi MSP (1 month ago)
She reminds me of Emma Stone
Eleven 011 (1 month ago)
She is so gorgeous omg I’m jealous😫
Autumn Whitfield (1 month ago)
Thank you sooo much asking for all of these for Christmas
Autumn Whitfield (1 month ago)
What exfoliator does she use??
Lydia Subba (1 month ago)
Do this really works????? 😐
Jade Shaeffer (1 month ago)
You’re so pretty I’m stressed lmao
Ella Mcdaniel (1 month ago)
SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL...... 2:00 did u seriously just wake up
JocelynKetler (1 month ago)
Holy shit I haven’t seen your channel since you were blonde... I almost didn’t recognize you! You look BANGIN with black hair!!!!!! You look like a reborn Megan Fox
lilo b (1 month ago)
I feel personally attacked by how gorgeous you are. Thanks
Nicole Unicxrns (1 month ago)
sally fAthi (1 month ago)
She’s so pretty
DarkDesire (1 month ago)
you're so pretty <3
Sara Okurrr (1 month ago)
Neutrogena face washes and most drugstore brand face washes have ingredients that are known to cause cancer. Come at me for being “exaggerative” but it’s the truth. You could do your research on it. I just want everyone to be informed that a lot of what kills you is in the products you apply and consume.
mya johnson (1 month ago)
2:02 Wait you just woke up!?😲
Haylee Mckay (1 month ago)
OK I am soooo glade I found this video, because she has one of the products I use which is the Loreal Paris pure clay exfoliating scrub.
noelia silva (1 month ago)
Madison Beer and Megan Fox baby
Kim Taehyung (1 month ago)
I have pimples on my forehead i have this thingy i got at walmart and i used it for a week now my pimples r going away im happy
Sahar Naser (1 month ago)
My acne fucking sucks I’m so insecure about it I use so many products and I don’t know what the issue is I’ve been to the doctor and she’s recommended so many things but it’s made it worse I don’t know what to doooo
Hali Wagner (1 month ago)
Water overdose (?) story!
HKJCYCO 🌘 (1 month ago)
How can you be so beautiful ❤
School Series (1 month ago)
loved it but your thumbnail(looklike )you just added makeup
Dani Hunn (1 month ago)
Throughout this entire video, I just... i can’t get over how gorgeous you are. Like, I can’t figure it out, you’re just too beautiful.
Emma Rose (2 months ago)
mel loves me and i kno it
Laura H. (2 months ago)
Vichy soap for oily skin is sent from heaven ;; I highly recommend it, along with Roc Minesol Oil Control Sunscreen. Really expensive products but I guarantee your skin will get better.
BK Kim (2 months ago)
Why do you pop or touch your pimple if it makes it worse?? The first thing to do when you have a new pimple is that you must not touch it. Because it will have secondary infection which means it will spread it all over. The second thing is to protect your pimple from sunshine. It is well-known that UV-ray can leave dark spot and acne scars. your pimple must avoid sun. So the best solution is to use acne patch. so far https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07HG4MTYJ this is the best one that I've found.
April (2 months ago)
Cheek bones, cheek bones, cheek bones 💛
hi I’m Hungry (2 months ago)
She reminds me of zendaya
Jose Garcia (2 months ago)
Wow I love you
Della Tv (2 months ago)
so you used your acne treatment only at night?
Amber Rankin (2 months ago)
Your so pretty with acne or without acne always remember that ❤️❤️
little aussie (2 months ago)
rip for my skin when I use anything that contains benzyl, it breaks out into a red rash that I cant stop itching for days, be so careful guys GET AN ALLERGY TEST ! :)
Stephanie TM (2 months ago)
Yeees, Ima start gently exfoliating with natural Salicylic Acid (Willow Bark) & trying out 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide on different days, too. Thank youuu (was unsure of benzoyl peroxide until seeing your video again). My face legit looks like how the thumbnail was. Not fun 😂😕💓
crys1620 (2 months ago)
Wow she is beautiful
nvdu (2 months ago)
여름Mochi (2 months ago)
You give me hope
Angie Nicole (2 months ago)
Moe (2 months ago)
* furiously touching skin * * then gets to 1:39 in the video * ......ummmm.....ok...
Brianna Brady (2 months ago)
You are beautiful♡Thanks for the video♡
Joel Payero (2 months ago)
*Have more breakouts than people getting out of prison*
Joel Singh (2 months ago)
Can you link the products
music bank (2 months ago)
She's so beautiful!!😍
Hannah Landeros (2 months ago)
every time I watch acne skincare routines everyone uses different products and none work for me): I have combination leaning more towards oily and my skin is not sensitive at all! any recommendations?
Vivian Hillman (2 months ago)
I subscribed as soon as you started the video cause I just loved your vibe
Gaby J (2 months ago)
you are so fucking pretty. If anyone ever tells you anything different they are just jealous bc you are gorgeous 😍 wish i could look like that lol
Emily Yates (2 months ago)
I've been using Jus' Judy Facial Cleanser and it has improved my skin dramatically. I would love to hear your opinion on the product?
Megan Smith (2 months ago)
You kinda look like MEGAN FOX😶 And a little MADISON BEER❤
Annaliese Magaña (2 months ago)
The vid starts at 1:47 btw
Day life Vlogs (2 months ago)
Your actually so pretty even without makeup
Soudeh Saneei (2 months ago)
you are sooo pretty omg ❤️
Chloe DIY (2 months ago)
Is it bad when I realized I was touching my face while watching this 😂😩
YooISMel (2 months ago)
You're fine😍
YooISMel (2 months ago)
I would've still dated you with acne
ammeh (2 months ago)
why does she remind me of zendaya is it just me?
Abigail O’Brien (2 months ago)
I’m 16 and I’ve never had acne before this month.. I’ve never had horrible breakouts maybe 1 at a time or an occasional 2 sometimes but lately I’ve been breaking out on my cheeks contour zone and a little on my forhead. These are both places that I use my physicians formula butter bronzer and I’m starting to think that it might be breaking me out and I hate the way my skin looks.
safia mahamed (3 months ago)
hows her face lighter than her body? she is so fucking pretty btw
Chandhan D (3 months ago)
I was counting the times she said " I don't know what I'm saying " lmao
Emma Dade (3 months ago)
My Skiin is so bad omg
All kpop (3 months ago)
ғιrѕт vιdeo already loveιng yoυ ❤⭐
Sherlyn Veliz (3 months ago)
Omg her skin is SOOO GOOD in the morning !!
SOZ Khalil (3 months ago)
Umm I built a skin care routine in only 2 weeks and got rid of them acne my forehead galaxy of acne
Madeline Henry (3 months ago)
You are so beautiful I immediately subscribed 💕
Chloe Lee (3 months ago)
I’ve struggled with acne and finally found some products that have cleared up my skin ❤️ - Angels on bare skin cleanser from Lush ($17.50) - Cupcake face mask from Lush ($13.95) - Tea Tree water toner from Lush ($10.50) Remember when you start using new products they’re not going to work fast and clear it up in a week, it takes time for your acne to heal and clear up. Mine took about a month or so, if anyone has a question comment below this comment. :) 💗
Helen Müller (3 months ago)
real start at 2:00
Crafts Collection (3 months ago)
"drink a ton of water" *grabs water bottle* *Drinks the whole bottle*
Crafts Collection (3 months ago)
My forehead once showered in pimples but then i started using this one. single. product. and that cleared up my skin alot and it does not have any chemicals. It is aloe vera gel with mostly water. It really helped and didn't cost alot
yuh : (3 months ago)
She looks familiar I think I saw her on ig... is she gios gf?correct me if I’m wrong
Ismackyew 02 (3 months ago)
Should you use warm or cold water when washing you’re face?
jada (3 months ago)

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