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Hennessy Carolina's Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper's BAZAAR

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She may be Cardi B's younger, 22-year-old sister, but Hennessy Carolina is already an expert on anti-aging and skincare. In this episode of Go To Bed With Me, Carolina walks us through her nightly routine for glowing, gorgeous skin. Shop Hennessy's Routine Here: https://bit.ly/2FZpcoG Subscribe to Harper's Bazaar: http://bit.ly/SUBSCRIBEtoBAZAAR https://www.facebook.com/HarpersBazaar https://twitter.com/harpersbazaarus https://www.instagram.com/harpersbazaarus/ https://www.pinterest.com/harpersbazaar/?auto_follow=1
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Text Comments (1590)
Harper's BAZAAR (1 month ago)
PICK ONE: Drugstore Skincare Products OR Designer Skincare Products?
Sonia Actkins (18 days ago)
Detox (18 days ago)
Harper's BAZAAR drug store
kenny baby (1 month ago)
we’re BROKE
TEIJA Kinsey (1 month ago)
Shantell Claiborne (1 month ago)
Drugstore bc they be having some good products that you would think is a designer product.
Karla Burgos (43 minutes ago)
I love her Nd cardi sooooooooooo much 💜🤪they just so real 👑
Serena Potter (12 hours ago)
This was nice
Nisi Castro (1 day ago)
Bae is cute but sorry nobody taking no skin regimen advice she has bad skin
lol anyway u (3 days ago)
U sound like cardi
Sherice Wright (4 days ago)
no that is just to much Dove Soap and water
Mademoiselle A (6 days ago)
Her pores are crying with complete agony because of that coconut oil. 😖
siya stocky (7 days ago)
Just like sister but sister is is damn pretty
Megha Singhania (7 days ago)
E Pizzle (9 days ago)
I’m confused why such a magizine like Bazaar would pick this no body for this. Who is she other then Cardi B sister? She doesn’t have a clothing line or make up line so why do we give a fuck what this plain dyke bitch does
Wanda Hall (9 days ago)
kàÿ fińëssëly (10 days ago)
how are y'all telling her what order to do it in its her skin care routine if it works for her then it works for her just exit out the video ppl do things in different ways tf
Karla Mejia (10 days ago)
okay but can jorja smith do one
Armani Britt (10 days ago)
Don't hate one her likethat
Emily Carter (13 days ago)
I like her accent I wonder where she’s from
midnight (13 days ago)
Korean skincare is better
koko (14 days ago)
she looks 100000000 times better without make up😊
Star Opinion (17 days ago)
Would it be wrong too name my daughter Hennessy ?
Davina Cruz (18 days ago)
She looks the same just lighter
Magga Anna (19 days ago)
What did she do to get famous ?
Stelios K (15 days ago)
Reality show bitch.. And sister of a reality show bitch
SassyGirlTW (19 days ago)
Pore clogging coconut oil
SassyGirlTW (19 days ago)
Who is this nobody?
Buzz Me (20 days ago)
No one has a perfect skin, Your hormones are your Christmas decorations you cant fight them, only filters does.😂😂😂😂
Imani Smith (21 days ago)
could you imagine going in a skincare routine video just to promote products who’s name can’t pronounce??
Yaamin Mohmmed (21 days ago)
There’s advertisements hidden inside this Wtf you gonna trick
Yaamin Mohmmed (21 days ago)
Why is she famous again ?? Just because her sister is “famous” so now she’s “””””famous””””””””
Maleeni Marajh (21 days ago)
This was really cool to watch
Mckeyla Rivera (22 days ago)
Vaughnie NuNu (23 days ago)
TAKE OFF YOUR RING!!!!📢 Also, I didn’t believe you when you mention your DIY honey and oatmeal mask😏
scarlet hottie (23 days ago)
Clean & Clear are good products. I use them, along with virgin coconut oil, or olive oil as an after face moisturizer.
Boss Man (24 days ago)
she pretty regardless.
tetrulz jam (24 days ago)
How does she not poke her eyes out with those nails.
Marang Lesomo (25 days ago)
You also look beautiful with out makeup😍😍😘😘
Yonette James (25 days ago)
Alovera and cucumber is the best for ackne
Yonette James (25 days ago)
Girl u need to start dating men god made u for s man
bonginkosi nkosi (26 days ago)
Leelee Lovee (26 days ago)
She looks like me on ft with my best friend acting like imma YouTube 💀 I can’t be the only one who does that😭!
TessMartin 23 (26 days ago)
Maweeeaz (27 days ago)
This is HER routine she does what works for HER so all y’all bashing her can stfu.........y’all faces best b CLEAR CLEAR to b talking so much shit
Katrina White (27 days ago)
Girl we know you don't do this 😒😀😀
billy smith (24 days ago)
Magnolia Notwar (27 days ago)
Tiana Jea'nay (28 days ago)
You can tell this is her first time using most of these product......forgive me if I’m wrong
Martine Cooper (28 days ago)
Did she attend a different school than Cardi?
Breanna Mejia (28 days ago)
I and cardi the cutest 😍💓💕💗💞💖💙🖤
Shay Galloway (29 days ago)
She's beautiful leave her alone I don't like cardi B either!! But stop hating on baby sis
Ily Zamarripa (29 days ago)
One question do u ever poke your eye with your nail?
Johane Lemy (29 days ago)
I litterly see the younger version of cardi
Stelios K (15 days ago)
Still ugly
XEO CAT (29 days ago)
I I l I lo I lov I love I love y I love yo I love you I love you h I love you he I love you hen I love you henn I love you henne I love you hennes I love you henness I love you hennesse I love you hennessey I love you Hennessey s I love you Hennessey so I love you Hennessey so m I love you Hennessey so mu I love you Hennessey so muc I love you Hennessey so much😍😍💖😂😂😂
Taylor and Papi (29 days ago)
Girlllll you look so much like Cardi B. y’all like twins girl
Rotten Princess (29 days ago)
She took off her makeup and looked exactly the same lol shes so gorgeous! She kinda sounds like Nicki.
Stelios K (15 days ago)
Not at all
FallnAngel07 (29 days ago)
Every once a month 🤦🏽‍♀️
bomb. bee (29 days ago)
Yall keep saying her skin routine all over the place but Hennessy is all over the place lmao in a good way so I APPROVE THIS VIDEO 💀😂
Jeon Jungkook (29 days ago)
She is giving me cardi b vibes
Naomi (29 days ago)
Why is there so many hate comments on her is it BC she went off on Nicki and exposed her get over it she has the right to defend her sister and niece if yall seen her face yall didn't have to press the damn video anyways she's so gorgeous her routine is long asf but it helps lmao p.s she acts just like cardi they are silly people
Stelios K (15 days ago)
Girl.. She didn't expose anything.. She is just a hater..! Her skin care "routine" is completely wrong and this video is a fraud.. This is like an advertisement.. It is clearly the first time she using those products.. She can't even pronounce their names...
Porche Greene (29 days ago)
Sis does not know what she doing 😂 somebody definitely was like "oh yeah put this in there too" . She promoted like 20 different things. No way she do this every night🤷
lordjenn A (29 days ago)
Wow everyone’s night time routines are so much fancier and has more depth then mine all I do is use cetaphile cleanser wash of then boom done
Ok sis
Miqueas Jimenez (29 days ago)
Everyone saying she’s doing it wrong... clearly it’s working for her because she’s has nice skin
Naughty Hotdog (1 month ago)
Is she like Kim Kardashian’s sisters just riding her sisters coattails? What has this chick ever done? I mean besides being related to Cardi B?
noneya123 (1 month ago)
When a ugly hood rat becomes famous because of her big hood rat sister, the president is trash and so are the people we look up to, just throw the whole world away.
D Jack (1 month ago)
The nepotism is real.
baaabbyj (1 month ago)
lmaooo hennessy over cardi anyyy dayyyyy , i love this bitchhhh
Jordon Steidle (1 month ago)
Second cardi b who?
King 1985 legend (1 month ago)
She looks way better than her sister
Zay (1 month ago)
Much Tom (1 month ago)
her mouth and attitude reminds me of Cardi B
virginiagarcia1615 (1 month ago)
She kinda looks like cardi b!!!!!
L Bo (1 month ago)
Why on earth are you giving this woman attention? She's one of the most hateful women I've seen on social media in a while. Her attitude is vile and very entitled bc her *SISTER* is famous. But she behaves as if she is Beyoncé.. Always talking about "we" when she speaks about her sister. "WE getting money, WE the baddest, WE made the best music, WE hate whatever" 🙄 not to mention... She isn't using these products right at all. This is going to teach someone who doesn't know any better to waste all of your money
braceface kay (1 month ago)
she sorta look like india but not really😭
Garvin London (1 month ago)
She look good
Kiki John (1 month ago)
Can y'all really shut up talking about she doing something wrong y'all ain't no type of expert and for one her skin look good to me so shut the he'll up somebody always got something negative to say
sahra Sahal (1 month ago)
I love hennessy soo much 😙😊never change 😚😚 stay perfect and beautiful
Michaela Parks (1 month ago)
Everyone has a opinion about how she’s doing her routine. If you didn’t like it why sit through the entire video? Everyone routine is different. There’s no set rules of the order you have to do your skincare. I switch the order of mine all the time depending on my skin that day. She’s not a beauty guru or a skin expert so maybe shes not saying the right uses for her skin. Not a big deal. Y’all taking it too deep.
Michaela Parks (29 days ago)
+Victoria Burnie I totally agree and understand what you're saying. Im just saying if she thinks it works for her, why is everyone bashing her. Its a huge difference between giving her constructive criticism and just being mean. At the end of the day it isnt our skin its going on so why is everyone taking it so serious.
Victoria Burnie (29 days ago)
Actually the order of products is really important or all these products will just sit on your skin and not get absorbed. Putting on a serum (lighter consistency) before your moisturizer (heavier consistency) is a basic rule. Putting on a moisturizer before a serum will block the serum from actually ever absorbing into your skin. And then finishing it all off with coconut oil makes zero sense.
alise taylor (1 month ago)
My GOD it ain’t that fucking serious if it works for Hennessy Carolina then let Hennessy Carolina be great people wanna be right so damn bad shit mad annoyin
Anahi Castillo (1 month ago)
Who else thinks Hennessy is badder then cardi?🔥🙌🏽😍
BGCFans (1 month ago)
my opinion is that shes way prettier than cardi, i always thought that way, cardi looks busted without make up, her sis gorgeous
Treasure.X.TikTok (1 month ago)
Christie Harper (1 month ago)
Swear her mouth is always opened
Bell Kah (1 month ago)
Damn girl wow that lot of work I'm so happy I don't have things on my face
Judy Stubblefield (1 month ago)
girl these companies need to be cutting you checks
Hamidah Kieti (1 month ago)
You guys need to let her do her own thing if she wanna do it differently then let her do that dang you guys!!
Hamidah Kieti (1 month ago)
Shaka Captant (1 month ago)
Sis is mad pretty with no make up😍😍😍
ToniTHB _Queen of luv (1 month ago)
Is that Cardi B's sister Hennessy????
Linda Escobar (1 month ago)
I swear she looks cute without makeup 😭
Nicky Bombigity (1 month ago)
DDFAM! DD (1 month ago)
You remind me of cardi B
Rena Payne (1 month ago)
Hennessey is so beautiful omg 😍😍😣😣
baddestkweeny (1 month ago)
She has the most perfect lips ! Remind be of Aaliyah’s lips ❤️
Rachel Babes (1 month ago)
Hennessy is bad 😥😘😍😏
renee b (1 month ago)
yell she laid it down she laid it down for the night
Krystal Mills (1 month ago)
girl all you need is some lip stick or lip gloss and foundation to hide the pimples and stuff girl you is cute how you is hunty!!! okurttt!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!
Kayla Ball (1 month ago)
I just wanted to see if she talks like cardi. But this is cardis sophisticated sister that nobody talks about. Hahahaha
Trishest Trish (1 month ago)
Who got time for such long routine
Bri2x baby (1 month ago)
Hennessy and Cardi Make a lot of crazy loveable face expressions
M a r i e l a (1 month ago)
Who is this ?
Rae Love (1 month ago)
2:25 " don't know why i get breakout under the nose around the mouth and stuff" gurl you know why..... Her choice of words and sentence structure all over the place, lost interest
LIL Creative (1 month ago)
Dang she can speak right but cardi can’t she would make bird noises
Heavenly Amiya (1 month ago)
Hi cardi bs sister
Ethuy 16 (1 month ago)
Her cardi always got the sound effects 😂

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