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Shay Mitchell's Guide to Skincare | Little Black Book | Harper's BAZAAR

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When you're a Shay Mitchell-caliber celebrity, taking care of your skin becomes almost a full-time job. It's hard to look glowy all the time between all the on-camera makeup, non-stop traveling, and red carpets. "Skincare, I am a skincare junkie," says Mitchell. "I have been playing with makeup since I was four years old. With makeup and all the different trends, you also have to really rake care of your skin since that is the foundation that sets the tone for everything else." In this episode of #LittleBlackBook, she shares some of her best kept skincare secrets with her favorite facialist, Shani Darden. Shop all of Shay's skincare products here: https://bit.ly/2rmlWcG Subscribe to Harper's Bazaar: http://bit.ly/SUBSCRIBEtoBAZAAR https://www.facebook.com/HarpersBazaar https://twitter.com/harpersbazaarus https://www.instagram.com/harpersbazaarus/ https://www.pinterest.com/harpersbazaar/?auto_follow=1
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Text Comments (183)
Harper's BAZAAR (25 days ago)
We're thrilled to bring you Shay's episode on skincare! Do you regularly get facials? Where from?
Kara Denise (23 days ago)
Harper's BAZAAR omg I neeed Shani in my life
Jabbar Lewis (25 days ago)
Yes I do, @skinbyceleste on IG is one of my favorite skin gods, she has done so much for me. If you are in LA check her out
JOYCE MARTIN (25 days ago)
Love Love Love! I have never had a facial 😅 But this video makes me wanna book one asap. Thanks Guys! Love to you all :))
Shandana Sheen (1 day ago)
FantasyLover365 (2 days ago)
I wish I could afford a facial like that
White Houre (6 days ago)
It's seems very nice 👍 n looks very affective to the skin . But the problem is money 💰. Plus no time , too much care about skin
Anjani Srinitha (8 days ago)
Do a season 4
guria f (8 days ago)
I love shay but I find it annoying when celebs say they had bad skin b4 when they just had a 3 pimples
a a (7 hours ago)
guria f they have no idea what a bad skin is lol luv shay too btw
Danielle Moody (12 days ago)
What is the LED light you recommend? :)
Hoo Me (14 days ago)
How can I schedule an appointment to see Shani? It’s not even an option on her site.
rahma husein (15 days ago)
Her demertologist kinda looks like a young version of kourtney Kardashian
Find Book Beauty (17 days ago)
Shay is so stunning! OMG love her <3
Beauty SQuād by hinZ (19 days ago)
Omg that facial looks so soothing
S A (19 days ago)
it's all about money if you have money everything will be great you'll go to clinics and doctors having good treatment
sohogrunge (19 days ago)
And here i thought it was biore baking soda products heh
abby pallotta (19 days ago)
You know, even after a car drove into emily’s living room, and she got locked in a box on a conveyer belt with a saw at the end of it, and she got drugged and dug up her ex closeted friend’s corpse, her skin never broke out. That girl must FINESSE stress.
Ms Naida Co21 (20 days ago)
I want to experience that
piggiesmalls4 (20 days ago)
“Guide to skincare” is a thousand dollar facial? ...ok
심지은 (20 days ago)
If you guys wanna clear up your skin you should try out curology!!! You get a customized skincare product to suit your personal preference and needs. Use this link and sign up for a free trial if you’re interested: https://share.curology.com/x/QWO0LY Full disclosure, you can get a free trial regardless of how you get to the site but I get $10 for every person who signs up for one using this link so please help a broke girl out LMAO But honestly I wouldn’t be out here trying to get more money to buy it if it didn’t actually work !!
Grace Sturges (21 days ago)
yo shes from plattsburge NY?? thats crazy she got out of there and made it, i live 30 minutes from plattsburge.
ricky aina (21 days ago)
Is it me or does shoni really look like Kourtney Kardashian ❤
a a (7 hours ago)
thought the same!!!
ricky aina (21 days ago)
Niya Clark1 (21 days ago)
All Shay’s fan’s are freaking out!!❤️❤️❤️🤪
Irish Deleon (20 days ago)
i dont think i trust her verg much... That was cleary a baby blue book 😭
Manuela Barandun (22 days ago)
Am I the only one who can tell that her dermatologist the lady who does her facial is wearing a wig??
Maria Khan (22 days ago)
Mine is sweet almond oil before bed and a nivea cream as my day cream🤣😂very very affordable its working for me
Simòne Esse (23 days ago)
there's no need to have lots of money, you can take care of your skin even with bio or pharmaceuticals products (avene,caudalie,la roche posay )that won't kill your wallet, eating good is important too, for blemishes i advice glycolic acid and resorcinol as ingredients of products or alone (always test them and use them at night )
cool nishh (23 days ago)
Jackie S (23 days ago)
Well you know its not biore
Kelly Wijaya (23 days ago)
How is she still relevent?
mrspoynter2005 (23 days ago)
i just wasted 10 minutes of my life because I thought Shay would recommend some skincare products that she used but we just watched her go to get a facial, how is that a skincare routine?
Uma Abde (23 days ago)
love this
Blurb (23 days ago)
This facial was so incredibly satisfying the watch. Yes!
P B (23 days ago)
Who are sharni jeans by? 😍
sneha katharpi (23 days ago)
I'm broke with a hole in my pocket...
Fiz Fiz (24 days ago)
Wow looking so relaxing and worth it
Kelli diaz (24 days ago)
I thought she was going to show her skin care regime instead of getting a facial that probably costs the amount of all my bills put together.
RicharddtheStar (23 days ago)
Kelli diaz LMFAOOO. Facts
Dave N (24 days ago)
So has everyone forgotten her fake make up remover review on Insta?
Ivy (24 days ago)
Oh I thought she was going to show us her own skincare routine that she does at home.
Monica Santos (24 days ago)
Shani is wearing the Natasha fit by J Brand Jeans! Love it !
whybensons (24 days ago)
Love you shay 💖😍
T K (24 days ago)
I dont know why celebrities rave about shanis skin. Every time i look at her her im like umm am i missing something? She looks normal. Nothing crazy special. I must say though, she looks just like khloe kardashian, especially at the end when she smiles.
Honey (24 days ago)
after Shay faked cleaning off her eye makeup on Snapchat idk what to believe
violet goodman (25 days ago)
This wasn't her guide to skincare. This was watch her get a facial.
Yensoun Ta (25 days ago)
Which LED and microcurrent do you ladies recommend?
liesje v (19 days ago)
I know Shani recommends the Deesse LED mask and I also think she recommends the NuFace Microcurrent. They are very expensive tho.
Vane styles (25 days ago)
she’s so beautiful 😍
Becky Walker (25 days ago)
Sahana San (25 days ago)
What is the name of that haircut
Kithtaw P (25 days ago)
Loving this Shay series, such an inspiration! New Youtuber here x
Connie B. (25 days ago)
I thought yeah yeah yeah suuuuuuure until that photo of acne popped up, now i believe you
chris tania (25 days ago)
Money makes everything easier 👌🏻 that's it! 🤧
Luky Lomala (25 days ago)
She's half Filipino.
Paulina Svedova (25 days ago)
I love those so much 😍😊🙏
Gigi Marie (25 days ago)
But what products can we buy for at home . Like from marshalls ;) on a budget here. Thx !! Plus I’m a non toxic fragrance free girl . Health is true wealth .
Ky F (25 days ago)
For years people have been washing their faces with just soap and water with no problems. The less makeup, the better the skin fools!
pineapple365 (25 days ago)
Shani kind of looks like kourtney kardashian.
Anna K (25 days ago)
Wow so relatable hahaha
Cherry Blossom (25 days ago)
Her voice and way of talking is so soothing!
Aimee Garcia (25 days ago)
I loooove this series bout shayy
Almana Iqbal (25 days ago)
I want to know whats inside her bag?
Emily Lucht (25 days ago)
Ugh I wish I could afford facials every 3 weeks
Kokila Mandlam (25 days ago)
More like Shani's Guide to Skincare
Emilyy Vazques (25 days ago)
is this the girl that sold out her dignity and fake the Bior make up remover thing ? lol
Sylvanna Mitrevska (20 days ago)
What did she do exactly? I don't know anything about her but her name and face looks familiar. Is she a Youtuber or actress?
Joe Button (25 days ago)
Wonder if she still uses the Biore cleansing water 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Joe Button (21 days ago)
taheera33 haha it looks like a how shay spend $10,000 per month to maintain her flawless skin so she could use Biore at home, or not
taheera33 (21 days ago)
+Joe Button same 😂😂 I came to this video to humor myself by seeing what products she recommends 🤣
Joe Button (21 days ago)
taheera33 couldn’t look at her the same way afterwards 😭😂😂
taheera33 (21 days ago)
Was looking for this 😂
JUst ME (25 days ago)
Haha her money is wasted to undergo face enhancement it's doesn't make her beautiful like she scream lots of insecurity and even her nose changed
lllima (25 days ago)
gorgeous ... u look like an Indian beauty...
Naya Amore (25 days ago)
Guide to skincare: Biore skin cleanser
dreamsdo cometrue (25 days ago)
I'm guessing that's a $300 facial
shinyjewelsz (20 days ago)
LOL you wish.
danmariemakeup (22 days ago)
dreamsdo cometrue way too low! Maybe around $500 to see shani herself?
Miracle Afusia (25 days ago)
I want nice beautiful skin like Shay
chi shamsudin (25 days ago)
No money :(
Linabel Baldonado (25 days ago)
You need to do something in Spanish #from Dominican Republic 🇩🇴 love you 💕
Tadashi Stark (25 days ago)
i thought i was gonna get some relatable skin care tips but it's just 💸💸💸
Samannn - (25 days ago)
Something about her just gets on my nerves 😬😬
Lily ! (25 days ago)
Omg I’m from Burlington Vermont!! Had no idea Shani was from so close. Love her!! Xx
Kirti Sharma Baidwan (25 days ago)
All of that looks good and I’m sure doing this will make our skin amazing, but how much does it cost? And arm and leg?
Katie Sturzu (25 days ago)
The makeup remover takes EVERYTHING OFF. Even waterproof mascara
Heartbeat & Dippy (19 days ago)
I dont get it
Maja Sørensen (21 days ago)
Ella X (25 days ago)
Shivina Mahtani (25 days ago)
*First step* buy that one micellar water/makeup remover she advertised and fake taking eye makeup off
Brooks (25 days ago)
love this video but couldn't deal with shani rubbing down on the neck...you always rub up to prevent wrinkles!!!
Francesca Sieveking (25 days ago)
Brooks but you rub down for lymphatic drainage
Vee A (25 days ago)
If only we all had money to spend on this type of skin care lmfao
Veronica Ivanova (23 days ago)
It's not really that expensive. Just don't go to the celebrity's beautician
Texas Hammond (25 days ago)
There’s no telling how much she pays for that facial and the Esthetician is using Control Corrective mask on her? Lol we used that in Esthetician school and that’s the most generic cheapest of the cheap. Super shocking
Texas Hammond (8 days ago)
Hanky Moody the only other product brand I specifically saw was biotone. Commonly used by massage therapists (I studied massage therapy as well) It said on the bottle it’s a facial massage medium
Hanky Moody (8 days ago)
It's probably product placement just for the video.. .notice how no other name-brand products were shown? Shani and/or Shay were probably paid to show it
Texas Hammond (21 days ago)
Isioma Nwanolue nah it doesn’t. I wasn’t knocking the product I just know the quality and ingredients that go into CC products bc I had to study them and was genuinely surprised a celeb-renowned esthie was using them. I ain’t worried ab shay lol she’s good.
Isioma Nwanolue (21 days ago)
I don't think it has to be hella expensive for it to be a good product. And Shay's skin looks great so I guess it work and that's what's important.
nidhi shetty (23 days ago)
No Add (25 days ago)
What products does Shani use? 😩
Harper's BAZAAR (25 days ago)
We've linked most of them in the description for ya 😉
Sharmin Jahan (25 days ago)
Shay 😍😍😘😘
saminahchou (25 days ago)
girlll if i had her skin 😩😩
Jackie Corbett (25 days ago)
watching this from Plattsburgh right now I literally almost died when she said she was from Plattsburgh
Harper's BAZAAR (25 days ago)
but do they have a dermatologist now? 😉
Liso Yanta (25 days ago)
Shay Mitchell is so beautiful - inside and out. This is unfair. Wow God, I see what you have done for others!
Kisses -A (25 days ago)
*Emily Fields* .-.
Shóna Quaid (25 days ago)
Is it just my set up or is the sound very bad on this?
JCV (25 days ago)
Oh, such good advice, i just need a shit ton of money
Hayhee (8 days ago)
Veronica Ivanova (23 days ago)
Bailey E (25 days ago)
This makes me really want a facial!!
Michelle Morera (25 days ago)
Ugh she’s always been so beautiful 😍
S S (25 days ago)
okay people first you need money. dont forget that.
Emilyy Vazques (20 days ago)
+Isabella Bettoni This comment is for THIS VIDEO AND WHAT HE IS ADVERTISING IS NOT WHAT YOU STATED. So No youre wrong.
No O (21 days ago)
No money no life
Isabella Bettoni (21 days ago)
I have a beautiful skin and i'm not paying....i've changed my lifestyle
Isabella Bettoni (21 days ago)
Eat healthy and don't wear make up.
Isabella Bettoni (21 days ago)
María Txc (25 days ago)
Guide to Skincare: Money
Charlie Smith (9 days ago)
Honestly I am a licensed facialist and about 90% of skincare is your at home routine. Investing in skincare is actually cheaper you will use 1 bottle of cleanser for 6 months. Biggest thing is you are dehydrated get hylauronic acid and stop using products with fragrance, color, alcohol, and dimethicone. Get on that double cleanse and ditch the toner.
andrea stars music (9 days ago)
Sakina G (18 days ago)
Hahaha true!!
Julie Bela Wamona (18 days ago)
loll true
Veronica Ivanova (23 days ago)
You don't need to have the money a celebrity has to afford this
Jabbar Lewis (25 days ago)
Love this and love shani her aesthetician! I learned so much through her about my skin
Blacky pawz (25 days ago)
How much can these type of facials cost?
Amy Connell (24 days ago)
I get facials pretty often and honestly the facials I get aren’t that different from this one and it’s usually around $50.
Taylor V (25 days ago)
She charges $300
Lea (25 days ago)
A lot
Sarah Surowka (25 days ago)
I’ve looked up to Shani for a while now and I’m so glad we were able to see her at work. I’m going to be going to school to be an esthetician and I would die and go to heaven if I ever got to meet and/or work with Shani.
Zoi Mel (25 days ago)
does anyone have any idea how much that would cost ? :O
Natalie Wolcott (25 days ago)
Zoi Mel my guess 250$-1,500
Vesha Ramberran (25 days ago)
Waited for this episode in her series💙
monixmmm (25 days ago)
entrepreneur tho xd
Parmsi (25 days ago)
I was mesmerized!! Shani is on my bucket list when i move back to LA! She truly is the Skin GOD
Harper's BAZAAR (25 days ago)
Truly! ✨
Alexandra McLaughlin (25 days ago)
its refreshing to see that humans as flawless as shay mitchell struggle with acne. if her skin can bounce back hopefully mine will too lol
Hayhee (8 days ago)
Alexandra I had bad skin for so long then I saw a dermatologist and I cleared it up with these products cosmedix purity clean face wash, societe clarifying lotion, aspect b serum, obagi c serum and then a light moisturiser on top. These products are a bit expensive but it worked and now it's completely clear. I even used them on my sister who had even worse skin than mine and it worked on her too. The brand Aspect also has a teen kit for clearing skin. If you get the chance to try these products they might help you. Good luck.
Natalie Astle (24 days ago)
I used to have absolutely horrible cystic acne, all over my face and neck. I got put on a persrctiption that for some reason worked miracles (and i had tried many topical treatments and doxycycline/ accutane before) . That was four years ago. My skin cleared up and has been clear ever since, so don't give up!
ELLE (25 days ago)
Oh, hey Shay! Loving her Little Black Book series. Can't wait for the next one! xx
Kathryn Rice (25 days ago)
Jada Ony (25 days ago)
Shani is a skin queen , nearly all my fave female celebs with beautiful skin praise her work. Great to learn more about her.
Jada Ony (25 days ago)
So beautiful 😍

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