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My Skincare Routine! (Affordable) | Philippines

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Hello everyone! A lot of you have been requesting for this video so here it is! This skincare routine is not guaranteed to work for all skin types. This video is simply me, sharing with you guys what works for my skin. Hope you all like it! p.s. my skin type is oily! p.p.s. this is my first ever talk through video so pls bear with me being kinda awkward Thank you for watching, and I'll see you on my next video. Watch in HD; Minimize or maximize volume if needed Connect with me! Instagram: @zchyrah Twitter: @zchyrahsia 💌 zchyruhsia@gmail.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Products Used: Maybelline Micellar Water - PHP199 Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser - PHP207 St. Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub - PHP220 Eskinol Pimple Fighting Cleanser - PHP72 Apollo Castor Oil - PHP45 Apollo Petroleum Jelly - PHP32 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Music: ldst - biu ~ (w/ i eat plants for a living) https://soundcloud.com/ldst/x-i-eat-plants-for-a-living I eat Plants for a Living - Near an End (I eat Plants For a Living x Kendall Miles) https://soundcloud.com/vegandude1111/near-an-end wntr - almost doesnt count https://soundcloud.com/iamwntr/almost-doesnt-count
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Text Comments (268)
AcoyPurdoy Vlog (19 days ago)
hii ate ang ganda po ng video nyo sana po ma visit nyo channel ko😍😊
chrollo moon (21 days ago)
love your english, so cute!
Rj Vlogs (21 days ago)
Pa sub po ako. Salamat 🙏
Ashley Garcia (25 days ago)
Does st.ives removes acne marks and scars?
Marie rose Cabingao (27 days ago)
Walang energy OMG
Siyaw Xi (1 month ago)
Tangina pabebe magsalita gurl
Ellaine Jumamoy (1 month ago)
Sana nag-include ng prizes ng mga products na na-mention :(
Sophie Arnante (1 month ago)
is the castor oil effective? 🤗
Jaine Blogger (1 month ago)
Hi mga bhesy :) Sub to sub
fantastic kath (1 month ago)
yang neutrogena facial foam ba nakaka fade ng bumps bayon damiko kasi non sa may forehead area... pls reply
Danna Isobel (1 month ago)
fantastic kath oily po
fantastic kath (1 month ago)
+Danna Isobel ah ano ba skin type mo mahal kasi eh baka mamaya masayang bili ko,
Danna Isobel (1 month ago)
fantastic kath di po siya nag work saakin nagrami at nag oily yung face ko nunn skl
Gaara Of The Sand (1 month ago)
san mo nabili yung neutrogena? thanks
Frederickca Brazile (1 month ago)
Love it. Where can i get authentic kojie san soap
Kamukha mo si claudine baretto nung dalaga pa sya
Rowena Paler (1 month ago)
정 정 (2 months ago)
Hi! What do use for filming and editing?
fantastic kath (2 months ago)
Pwede ba araw arawin yang neutrogena? Dry poba sya after gamitjn?
L amba (2 months ago)
Magkano neutrogen
デロスレイス永恋 (2 months ago)
NAZ JAMMING (2 months ago)
san po mabibili yung castor oil? sa watson? naghihingi pa kaya sila ng medical certificate? pls reply po, new subb po ako ng channel mo. hope mabait ka po🤗
NorSheen NS (3 months ago)
Do u still wear any cream on your face, nd did routine u used day and night?
R Beltran (3 months ago)
Eskinol is not a toner though. It's a cleanser/cleansing water.
Raphiel Nicole (3 months ago)
Grabe dati playmate lang kita 😂 ngayon sumisikat kna. Hope you remembered me nang kisses 😊💕
Joy Sy (3 months ago)
Ganda ni ate..😘😘😘how to be yours?
Aemie Roswell (3 months ago)
Ano po best advice niyo sa maraming blackhead sa nose? tsaka maitim din yung gilid ng nose ko tsaka i have big open pores. sana po replyan niyo ko or
Aemie Roswell (3 months ago)
or san ako makakakita ng vlog ng skin care routine abt dun :((( i feel so panget kasi bcos of this
Elfeonna Alfred J (3 months ago)
Whats the 1st song though?
Avymae Dalida (3 months ago)
Ang ganda mo😊
YoSweetKC (3 months ago)
Hi sis! I just found out about your channel and i subbed! im looking for skincare and is eskinol really helps for drying acne? i tried a lot but nothing works best...
Bsyiann _hii (4 months ago)
hi did you mix the eskinol with dalacin c?
yvdilysm (4 months ago)
I think your voice is perfect for ASMR
Naurah Macaumbos (4 months ago)
Pwede po ba gumamit ang 12 yrs old SA skinol?
you are my everything (4 months ago)
Hi i just want to ask kung ginagamit mo yung neutrogena deep clean foaming everyday? 😃
Angelica Nato (5 months ago)
Hindi ka po gumagamit ng moisturizer?
Kein Elizalde (5 months ago)
Hope you notice me :3 your so gorgeous ♥
_Mean Hoe_ (5 months ago)
Parang inaantok si ate HAHAHA
hey donut (5 months ago)
Ang ganda sswisss!
Cassie Bartolome (5 months ago)
mas maganda ka pag walang make up!! yieee😍
Thai Princess (5 months ago)
Your voice tho lmao ✖✌
Deactivated _User (5 months ago)
HOW DID YOU DO YOUR INTRO? AND WHAT EDITING SOFTWARE DO YOU USE ATEE???😂💖😭😭 btw i just discovered you today and u so freaking precious when you smile haha😍💖😘
fren (6 months ago)
is that ur real voice? why do u sound sick?
MAD Gaming (6 months ago)
Ang cute mo kainis aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa pati bosesssssss wtfffffffff
MAD Gaming (6 months ago)
crush na kita waaaa
Larissa Cruz (6 months ago)
Ang ganda mo po!
Marvin Mangogtong (6 months ago)
sabay sabay ba talaga dapat? pasagot naman hehehe
Zchyrah Sia (5 months ago)
nope hehehe depends naman sa skin type mo:) and i also suggest na mag exfoliate at least once a week:)
Ian. Amazin (6 months ago)
So pretty
Czhy Garlit (6 months ago)
Eskinol is not a toner
Krisha Ann (6 months ago)
what is your skin type? ☺️
Zchyrah Sia (6 months ago)
oily :)
Pearl Ligan (6 months ago)
Gandang bata. 😊
Trian Rangel (6 months ago)
pls always use moisturizer after washing your face with facial cleanser/scrub :) like right after mo magpunas ng face, moisturize agad :)
Lorac Diary (7 months ago)
new supporter here sis hope you could subback thanks more power ☺
M.O. C.H.I (7 months ago)
Ur so pretty 💕
Zoey Warztte (7 months ago)
Whats your editor po??
Dennilyn Partig (7 months ago)
Where do you buy the neutrogena po??
Zchyrah Sia (7 months ago)
watsons or sm department store :)
elika jirehl (7 months ago)
Subscribing kasi halos pareho tayo skin care routine huhu
Md Faisal me (7 months ago)
Angelica Macabale (7 months ago)
ano pong skin type kapag oily yung t-zone?
nut nasty (7 months ago)
I love your voice😍its so relaxing
shookt tae (7 months ago)
You don't use moisturizer?
ッJieaue (7 months ago)
Saan po makakabili ng ganyang castor oil?
Zchyrah Sia (7 months ago)
rica may matienzo (7 months ago)
nakamagkano po kayo lahat lahat?
Juliana Panganiban (8 months ago)
Saan po nakakabili ng apollo petroleum jelly?
Zchyrah Sia (7 months ago)
Hi new youtuber here.. Pa-subscribe nman pls..
Alexandra Manalansan (8 months ago)
Nice video! What is your editing app?
Ayumi Aizawa (8 months ago)
may arte sa salita.
meeeEEee mEeEEee (8 months ago)
ano po gamit nyonh editor?
Diana Didie (8 months ago)
& one more thing 😄 , i'm didn't buy the blue one for the eskinol tho. i bought the pink bottle for the eskinol, is it okay?
Zchyrah Sia (8 months ago)
that is completely fine :)
Diana Didie (8 months ago)
hii there! can i ask something? if i buy two productd that u used which are the garnier micellsr water & eskinol? is it okay? and how do i have to use them in order? ps : my type of skin is oily. ( hopefully u notice my comment bcs i need an advice for using the products 🙆 )
Zchyrah Sia (8 months ago)
yes! cleanse your face with the micellar water first then you can tone:)
hannah simpson (8 months ago)
u r so pretty 😩😩
Joo Hyuk (8 months ago)
Wala kapong moisturizer?
Juliana Panganiban (8 months ago)
Hello? Saan po nakakabili ng apollo petroleum jelly?
Ang lamya mo naman..
Krixiafranxhene Lumerio (8 months ago)
Hello zchyra magtatanong ako .. before ekinol pwedeng lagyan ng moisturizer? Wala kasi akong nakitang moisturizer na nilagay mo ..
Krixiafranxhene Lumerio (8 months ago)
Like ko kasi ung face mo at magkano ung neutrogena?
Krixiafranxhene Lumerio (8 months ago)
Thanks saan mo yan nabili tsaka hm naman ung maybelline at tsaka ung st.ives
Zchyrah Sia (8 months ago)
apply moisturizer after toner :)
Elize Cidney Ramos (8 months ago)
para sakin mas maganda yung ChapStick na lip balm kase for cold ang sunny days siya ☺ tyaka mawawala yung dry and chap lips mo
Kristine Yumol (8 months ago)
tamad na tamad magvlog?😂
The Bandwagon Chic (8 months ago)
that's pretty cool
Courtney Collins (8 months ago)
I like u pero i just find your voice so pabebe
fapper mcstroke (8 months ago)
really pretty pero dermatologists are against using st. ives scrub. Try and search for Dr. Dray( dermatologist). Tons of information regarding skin care.She debunks a lot of skin care hype. cleanse, tone, moisturize (the basics) Eskinol for me is a no go. Tons of harmful chemicals. A cheaper/better alternative is Human heart nature, or Celeteque
Chloe DelaVega (8 months ago)
What video editor do u use ate?
bogoshipdas (9 months ago)
Such a simple routine pero sobrang ganda ng skin mo! ❤
Jen-jerenjen Jenjen (9 months ago)
Night time skin care routine ba to bhe?
kristel allister (9 months ago)
effective yung castor oil sa eyebrows?
mareeessse makinano (9 months ago)
wow tnx for this sis i will try that product
lady dragon (9 months ago)
wala kau energy mgsalita nakakaantok boses m oa m
Yan V. (9 months ago)
Suggested po ba ang st. Ives sa isang 13-year-old po? Or does it treat pimples?
Daphne Fernando (9 months ago)
Hi new youtubers like me 😘 pahelp
ancee (9 months ago)
Sana ganyan din kaayos closet ko hahahaha!! 😂
Angel M (9 months ago)
hair care routine poooo 😍
ASIAN SECRET (9 months ago)
berry aha bright peel boosting serum from etude house is like eskinol! i'm kinda disappointed 😬
jaii yam (9 months ago)
is the castor oil effective po?
Minori Pagdanganan (9 months ago)
I’ve heard that petroleum doesn’t moisturise or hydrates the lips.
Macy Yu Diet (9 months ago)
halu .mabibili lang po ba sa watsons yung st. ives ?
Sam (2 months ago)
Kristine Joy David I’m 14 and I use it 4x week sometimes 2x a week when I’m lazy it really helped me with my acne and my blemishes and I’ve been using it since I was 13:)
Kristine Joy David (4 months ago)
Pwede po ba sa 14 years old yung st. Ives?
Macy Yu Diet (9 months ago)
Zchyrah Sia ty sa reply
Zchyrah Sia (9 months ago)
SAM P (9 months ago)
Pay ba tinanggal mo na yung St. Ives sinasabon mo pa? Or you just rinse your face with water?
Zchyrah Sia (9 months ago)
i just rinse my face with water lang :)
Brylle Bravo (9 months ago)
Cute lady..beautiful..
Rose Nuñez (9 months ago)
Can you do a vlog about how you started youtube? When you started, how you get more views, something like that? :) ty!
Roselyn Hilado (9 months ago)
San nabibili ang castor oil maam??
Zchyrah Sia (9 months ago)
watsons or in any drugstore:)
Ang ganda ng skin moooo! Just discovered your channel :)
Lucas Blake (9 months ago)
Te Zchyraaa next mo nman po cold wax review kung effective po ba ung mga wax na un and or kung how to maintain ir armpits smooth and flawless thanks and more power po
Eshy Adarna (9 months ago)
san mo nbili un prang ginamit mo ma applicator sa casror oil?
Perperr Mint (10 months ago)
Hi!! ang pretty mo po 😍 can I know how old you are?
Alyssa Napenas (10 months ago)
Ano po reason bat dpo kyo nagmomoisturizer?
Alyssa Napenas (10 months ago)
Ahhh kaya palaaa :) I wonder what brand it is.
Nathalia Cordero (10 months ago)
Alyssa Napenas gumagamit pala siyang moisturizer di lang niya minention kasi mej pricey daw hehe
Alyssa Napenas (10 months ago)
Sabi kse everyone needs a moisturizer even if ur oily. So nagtaka lang me. Oily kse ako and gmagamit ako ng moisturizer tuwing gabi hehe
Nathalia Cordero (10 months ago)
Alyssa Napenas maybe because oily yung skin type niya??? idk kasi ako oily din and i dont use moisturizer
new subbie hereee ily already!!

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