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How To Do A 9 STEP KOREAN Skincare Routine With Debasree Banerjee

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Clear, flawless and GLOWING SKIN takes some effort. And while we're constantly trying out and loving new products, there's always room for some more skin care trials. Here, in this video we have Debasree breaking down an entire exhaustive Korean skincare regimen and sharing all the details you've always been looking for! Like all good things, skin too needs some extra tender loving care for the best results. Do try out this super trending routine and let us know in the comments below if you have any suggestions! SHOP NOW: Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Water http://bit.ly/2E1DSBd Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Oil - http://bit.ly/2DYj8Kw The Face Shop White Seed Brightening Toner - http://bit.ly/2DVlR7w Innisfree Orchid Enriched Essence http://bit.ly/2DXo1n1 It's Skin Power 10 Formula GF Effector http://bit.ly/2DV3hwd The Face Shop Dr.Belmeur Clarifying Spot Calming Ampoule http://bit.ly/2DY94kz The Face Shop Yehwadam Revitalising Emulsion http://bit.ly/2DVlXfo Klairs Midnight blue calming cream http://bit.ly/2DUeDk9 Dermal Wine Collagen Essence Mask http://bit.ly/2DUeDRb Dermal Platinum Collagen Essence Mask http://bit.ly/2DWCS0Y Dermal Advance Jewel Healing Essence Mask Combo Pack http://bit.ly/2DUZnn4 Dermal Snail Collagen Essence Mask http://bit.ly/2E0OcJk Hit like if you love this video, don't forget to tag or share it with all your girlfriends. P.S: Don't forget to subscribe! Download the Nykaa app here: Android: http://bit.ly/2zYmP1f iOS: http://apple.co/2iKfg4c Follow Nykaa: Facebook: http://bit.ly/NykaaFacebook Instagram: http://bit.ly/NykaaInstagram Twitter: http://bit.ly/NykaaTwitter #KoreanBeauty #KoreanSkinCare #DebasreeBanerjee
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Text Comments (178)
megha krishna (2 hours ago)
Nykaa plz introduce etude house to india
Sakshi Mehra (14 hours ago)
I’m kinda pissed to watch such videos ! At times it gets so difficult to understand cuz all you people do is to endorse your products through Youtubers ! I feel debashree is one of those youtubers you spend tons of money or maybe she’s been sponsored for so but I really can’t see the difference at all ! Even though using such high end product doesn’t really make her skin look glowing ! We’re Indians born in certain climatic condition. To all the viewers out there if you really wanna invest so much in a serum you better get vitamin e or vitamin c capsules for skin as a serum cuz it really works and super affordable rather than spending money on tons of product of different brand at a time !
Lipika Das (15 hours ago)
Selfie: Her own video Tagged photo: Nykaa’s video I hope you guys understand 😂😂
sanjana sekar (17 hours ago)
I don't believe in such humongous steps for simple skincare . It's not about money but less is more always . Cleanse tone moisturize is more than enough for a tropical wheather like India.
Gurleen Kaur (1 day ago)
I dont recommend anyone to follow this. Srsly you have to put toner 7 times no way! It completely dehydrates your skin n toners have effect in one use only you should not over apply it . This routine can actually damage your skin also i don't think you have seen actual videos of koreans They are much informative n effective than yours Also they dont follow this routine
Gurleen Kaur (6 hours ago)
Tini Ganguly okay if they are hydrating its good but what is the need to apply it 7 times on skin To get over hydrated or what?
Tini Ganguly (1 day ago)
Gurleen Kaur with the Face Shops toner ranges it doesn't seem to be the same like toners of other Brands, it's seriously hydrating and works also as a hydrating emulsion
sohini sanyal (1 day ago)
Ancient Indian techniques with Indian herbs and granny's kitchen ingredients are a million times effective than making a big hole in our pockets with these fancy stuff!😟
Deeksha Singh (2 days ago)
WOMAN YOU LOST ALL CREDIBILITY...i've watched a million K-beauty videos...and OMG...this is just so so so wrong...STOP FOOLING people...I NEVER NEVER leave hate comments...and even this is not a hate comment...but I could not resist speaking the truth about this falsely advertised regimen. And as far as the 7 times toner thing is concerned,...that was just a FAD..like the kiki challenge...duh...THE LATEST IN SKIN CARE IS NOT LAYERING, but it is the SKIP METHOD...people are beginning to be conscious and are skipping UNNECESSARY STEPS...and trust me, you cant step out in any Indian city with that much on your face, you'll end up being a dust magnet. Try using your platform to INFLUENCE people, rather than DECEIVING them.
Meera A (3 days ago)
Great video!
Aditi Bhatt (3 days ago)
It's so ironical that the western world have now started following age old Indian tradion of beauty regime like using fullers earth, turmeric, sandalwood , etc. and we are taking up the western beauty regime. People forget that genes play a very important role be it for skin or other health issues. I have acne prone skin but I never never ever get dark circles no matter how much I try 😁😝 So basically it's all in the genes. Yes! We do need to take care of our skin but never go with the trend, trial and error should be done by yourself.
Saloni Maathur (3 days ago)
I don't understand so much of hate in the comments here. 90% of you commenting here about her skintone have no clue how studio lightings work. Being a youtuber myself I can well assure you that debashree is not using any kind of filters to show herself fair in her videos, it's just the difference in the lighting, surroundings and the camera lens. It's not just her but almost all the bloggers look absolutely different in nykaa videos because obviously nykaa's setup and our home studio set ups are very very different. Your skin looks different in soft light, ring ling and sunlight. It's not that you are made up of three different shades. It's just lighting.
Rumana Haldar (3 days ago)
A huge request to nykaa🙏 plzzz restock u r products which have gone out of stock from agess...
Rumana Haldar (12 hours ago)
+Nykaa thank you🙏😊
Nykaa (12 hours ago)
Hi Rumana, we will highlight this to the concerned teams for you!
Rumana Haldar (19 hours ago)
+Nykaa I appreciate your hard work and thank you for the reply and as per your suggestion of 'notify me' option i have been doing that too for long time for many products, say proarte brushes and many more products
Nykaa (19 hours ago)
Hi Rumana, we assure you that we are continuously working hard to restock our products. In the meantime, we highly recommend that you use our 'Notify Me' option on the product page to receive an update as soon as it is available again.
Mohor MUKHERJEE (3 days ago)
Impossible to follow for general people. N our grandmas had pretty skin washing their faces only with soap and putting oil.
justaksh (3 days ago)
subhechha mandal (3 days ago)
Believing in less is more ...I really don't feel that so much product use and layering is really necessary for proper Indian wheatish skin... And such a hot weather... Rather using simple four steps and regularity will do the job
supriya iyengar (3 days ago)
Indian climate is diff our skin structure is found to be diff so whatever our skin and climate demands we need to go ahead with that
Piyali Bhattacharjee (3 days ago)
Can i use face pack everyday.....is it good for skin ?
Sananda Mondal (3 days ago)
Guys trust me, you don't need a 9 step Korean skincare to have clear skin. :)
Sajith c (3 days ago)
Bullshit information
esh esha (4 days ago)
Any INDIAN ARMY'S🤘🏻💜 here?
Tejaswini Singh (4 days ago)
Itna chemicals hai ye sab me .... Kuch faayda to hoga nahi , Paisa kharcha hoga alag . Be natural , eat good , use Indian home made things and a simple organic mosturizer
meme goswami (4 days ago)
I wonder how she became a beauty blogger??with all non sense and no sense at all...
Kasturi Devi (4 days ago)
I don't think we should follow k beauty so much. We deal with humidity and they deal with dry weather. To much hydrating products will not help in India. It's Just my opinion...
머헌터Rezina (4 days ago)
You should know that Koreans have good skin not because they follow the method but because it is inherited or just because they get it.. I've always had clear and glowing skin.. Like never had acne problem and no dark spots and nothing harmed my skin.. But since April I've had problems with my face like bumps in between my brows and acne.. I'm wondering why but the more I'm trying to follow a definite skin care routine the more small bumps I get.. Now I just use a facewash and moisturizer and it's turning out to be good so far.. I wish the 2 3 spots i got fades away sooner and I don't know why I get clogged blackhead like thing but bigger, on my cheek.. When I try to squeeze the thing out, because of the delicate part I scratch my cheek and lo I've a bruise now..
Aleena Sunny (4 days ago)
Nykaa is trying to copy sephora for a long time and they are not doing it properly, also they are just selling their products while sephora does it through specialist rather than half knowledge YouTubers. And these YouTubers are also doing paid partnership with each of the brand's which makes them less trustworthy😑
Beautiful Nepal (4 days ago)
Girl first love yur natural skin color then only Teach us abt skin products 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 !!! Fake !!! Did u forget to turn on yur Ring lights 🤣
Beautiful Nepal (4 days ago)
Omg omg omg Why is she looking so dark in this video ??? Coz in her own YouTube channel she looks pretty Fair ???🤔🤔🤔🤔 Reality kya hai???? Confused 😰
Pragya Rout (4 days ago)
First get correct information and then educate others.. Stupid girl
Pragya Rout (4 days ago)
Stop promoting nykaa and fooling people... Indians are happy with 3 steps only... Be happy with what you have
Sidra Fatima (4 days ago)
Just promoting Korean beauty products in Indian marker for their own petty benefits. Trust me ladies,just a few home remedies and healthy food can make your skin flawless. I'm 18 & i've already tried all these 9 steps 10 steps. Just useless. These are just promotion of these brands. Ever heard about these beauty products before nykaa was introduced?? And btw,its the climatic factors and some eating factors for the glowing Korean skin,they don't even use these shits. Ps-Potato juice works wonders on all type of skin. Try it for one week and you won't be needing any of this. Best wishes!
chaithra shetty (4 days ago)
Didn't realise her skin is actually like this. She looks so different on her own channel. Not referring to her tan just the texture of her skin looks different.
Vs Vs (4 days ago)
Hahahaha again one more sponsored video my this women.. Atleast if u r giving information about all the product, give it right please.....😂😂😂😂😂
Juthika Sarkar (4 days ago)
Wasting my 10 minutes... For watching this video😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😑😑😑😑😑😑...
Tiasha Ratnani (4 days ago)
God!!! They r out of budget Yaar . comeon. Give us some pocket friendly things. We r not Deepika n Priyanka chopra plz🙏🙏🙏
Parul Singh (4 days ago)
i wonder what filters she uses on her channel! i mean she luks beautiful now too but she shud b honest abt her skin on her channel. either that or nykaa has some really tacky lights coz every u tuber (even malvika) luks different on nykaa
Lakshmi Byatnal. (4 days ago)
Trying too hard Nykaa
Ashna Iqbal (4 days ago)
I live double cleansing method. It is a great way to get clean skin.
maanasa duggaraju (4 days ago)
Too many products.....a normal person cannot effort that many products to buy ....cost is super high ....
Raushan Ramees (4 days ago)
Korean skin care z jst a myth. U dnt need 4 steps to wash ur face. If u wear makeup, use olive or coconut oil n dn wipe with a wet wipe n dn wash ur face with a cleansing milk. Dtz all. Othewise jst a facewash or cleansing milk z enuf. Let ur skin breath n dnt layer dz mny products(chemicals).
Sreya Acharjee (4 days ago)
Debashree looks so fair on her channel ...but she looks dusky on nykaa's videos..why😕
Asna Mirza (4 days ago)
because nykaa shows us the reality! they use so many filters on their own channel that's why they appear so white!
uthpala haththella (4 days ago)
don't use anything on your face it will help increase your skin glow and healthy
Sitara Tabassum (4 days ago)
Ur forehead too dark,
Anindita Saha (4 days ago)
Guys,dont misunderstand my comment please,she looked better in other videos,here she is looking undertoned,most girls follow her too.even I am one of them ..didn't get it right dtsy said it..
Shanaya Singhania (4 days ago)
yaar saf saf face wash kro or coconut oil lagao or so jao isse badiya kuchhhh nai o skta🙏🏻 thnku faltu ki chochalebaji khatam
Swagata Saikia (4 days ago)
I have to wake up at mid night and start doin his skincare routine to get ready for my work
soriano P (3 days ago)
Hahahaha.. so true..
Kitty Kitts (4 days ago)
Hahaha lol
Upasana Chakraborty (4 days ago)
Absolute nonsense. Every instructions are so wrong! You guys better study and then make a video. Disgusting!😒😒
pellucid shif D (4 days ago)
Only point to be noted is gently pat your skin never wipe it dats all was the summaryyy.
Rupa Kataki (5 days ago)
Dear Nykaa, I have been waiting for you to restock Klair's midnight blue calming cream for a long long time. Can you please get the product back because it really makes no sense to use products in a video when it's always unavailable...
Nykaa (4 days ago)
Hi Rupa, we assure you that we are continuously working hard to restock our products. In the meantime, we highly recommend that you use our 'Notify Me' option on the product page to receive an update as soon as it is available again.
Aastha Tyagi (5 days ago)
Tbh, I didn't recognise her without makeup before clicking the thumbnail
Asna Mirza (5 days ago)
And still your skin isn't perfect after using such expensive skin care products? i mean do you need to spend 10k or more just to moisturize your skin? 😕
Jasneet Stories (1 day ago)
+Tejaswini Singh Yeah....I also use Natural products only.
Tejaswini Singh (1 day ago)
+Jasneet Stories Yeah and since I am into hard core Gymming and healthy eating , it was pretty sure it was bcos of these products only ...now that I'm into mostly natural stuff ...my skin's doing absolutely fine 😇
Jasneet Stories (1 day ago)
+Tejaswini Singh Yeah and 70℅ its your diet which affects your skin.
Tejaswini Singh (1 day ago)
+Jasneet Stories On the contrary , I had breakouts or rather there was no change in my skin. Every skin type is different..mine is sensitive and combination
Jasneet Stories (1 day ago)
+Tejaswini Singh I don't think so, my skin has became lot better since i started used using Korran Natural product.
manika .bhatia (5 days ago)
Stop doing these videos which do not even make sense. I mean you guys keep on repeating same things with different YouTuber. Work on generating new content guys... stupid videos
khan faira (5 days ago)
No hate luv u but why r u looking so dark in this video👀.U seem very fair in ur videos.
upasana basu (4 days ago)
she looks fair in her videos due the lighting set-up and editing. This is her real skin tone
Kshitiz Gupta (5 days ago)
She looks so polished, fair and different in her own videos .. don’t this is real or that one
Beautiful Nepal (4 days ago)
Kshitiz Gupta exactly 🤣🤣🤣 Too much ring lights I guess
sun shine (5 days ago)
I think she is doing 18 steps Korean skin care 😅
Vidya More (5 days ago)
Seriously???? Hv u even watched urself in mirror after doing ths??? Adding all these to ur skin at one go tht to in Indian weather??? Hv u gone crazy? Its like u hv suggested everything available in skin care category on nykaa..cleansing oil, water, toner, essence, serum, ampuale,cream, mask n wt nt !!!! layring like crazy...i thought ur skin needs to breath also at night..plz dnt mislead
Tejaswini Singh (4 days ago)
Very true
HAPPY THOUGHTS! (5 days ago)
this is so good...actually n this video debashree looks so real so natural...not that black forest cake smashed on her face!!
Anam Jilani (5 days ago)
I’m sry to say this but your skin looks too oily not very impressive looking at it today 👎🏻
Subhasri Das (5 days ago)
Why is there so much wrong information about every step every product? What do you think of your audience? Are we fool, don't we know anything? Come on guys YouTube is accessible for every one. We can learn about Korean skin care from real koreans. And for your kind information Klairs midnight blue cream is not very hydrating, it's more for calming irritated skin than hydrating.
suman jain (5 days ago)
pls someone suggest me good shampoo under 300rs. and whiach khadi shampoo is best
suman jain (4 days ago)
fati merchant tq
suman jain (4 days ago)
Pragya Sharma tq so much
fati merchant (5 days ago)
Pragya Sharma I did not solve her problem I just gave her a suggestion to ask someone who will reply bcoz her question is vague .. ur solution is good she can try urs out if she wants to ... it’s good if u to give a solution...
Pragya Sharma (5 days ago)
hi+fati merchant You solved the issue.@suman jain Its definitely good to check her skincare reviews as you can compare many other products apart from khadi. I am sure you will find the one which suits your need the best.
fati merchant (5 days ago)
suman jain check @themerchantpost on Instagram she does makeup and skincare reviews and u should dm her she will reply and give u a better solution
Riddhi Sarcar (5 days ago)
Best. 👱🏻‍♀️
Deepika Sharma (5 days ago)
She looks different, even her complexion is different here or maybe she has come back from a beach holiday like always. I am not a hater but she should be honest about her skin tone. Every complexion is beautiful.
Jaya D (4 days ago)
She uses diff camera and filter
Mansi Nautiyal Mehta (5 days ago)
NS Psychology (5 days ago)
Who will going to do all these steps....girl like me nvr go up of 2 products in skin care and that's not the case in daily due to laziness...😁😁😁skin care goes with the climate and food we eat...ayurveda has all answers to ur skin...go on a good diet and have ghee in ur meal ...you will not need any high end products like so.....
Tejaswini Singh (4 days ago)
Very true
fatima ahmed (5 days ago)
y ur face is so oily 😶
I feel her mouth area is lil tedha....i feel this plse dnt reply me bullshits..
PURNIMA SHARMA (5 days ago)
We live in India and not in Korea... Korean weather is totally different from Indian... I don't think we need to use so many layers of different products.. Nykaa is just promoting urs products by means of successful bloggers. Sensitive skin people dnt even think of trying this.. Do at your own risk please
Soni singh (8 hours ago)
well said...makes.sense
PURNIMA SHARMA (2 days ago)
Right but u misunderstood the comments lady...I'm not against Korean products infact I love using sheet masks.. I'm just not in the favour of layering the face with so many products on a go... And I hope all people with sensitive skin agree with me..Thats my perspective and u can follow as per your skin type. Moreover, we all know how famous Korean products are and brands names too 🙂
Pratibha Das (2 days ago)
We live in a world where we have access to google where you can search about the products.There are 100s of blogs and videos about the benefits of Korean skincare routine and also a book written by Charlotte cho.People have legit seen difference after using these products.Before commenting anything like this atleast do some research that why people are actually liking these products,why we have so many innisfree stores here in India,why people like sheetmasks and why nykka is actually selling these products if it's not at all suitable for anybody.Etude house one of the top Korean brand is also coming soon in india and you know why because PEOPLE HERE IN INDIA DO ACTUALLY BUY KBEAUTY STUFFS FROM KOREA.
Snita Bhowmick (4 days ago)
Following the 10 steps or atleast 6 steps during Indian winters makes sense. Last year I was totally into K Regime and it made my winter skin absolutely stunning but the process needs alteration during the summers. We actually have to shift to our age old ayurvedic Regime for Indian summer like multani, aloe vera, mulethi etc.
Snehal Dalvi (4 days ago)
Even after using gallons of products these bloggers get in PR their skin is worst than ours so just love yourself the way u are .. we r true to our souls that’s what makes beautiful... debashree’s skin is oily and acne prone , don’t listen to her bullshit ! Bloggers are only for making fame and money
Parineeta Khamkar (5 days ago)
She looks so different in nykaa videos
Snehal Dalvi (4 days ago)
Mansi Nautiyal Mehta maybe being true and showing so will not get them money and fame 😆
Ayesha Hussain (4 days ago)
Nykaa does not have good lighting. Makes everyone look dull and tired. I have seen her video filmed in sunlight and she does not look this tired or oily.
Miranda Sangma (4 days ago)
malvika too looks different on nykaa videos
Karishma Singh (5 days ago)
Their lighting is messed up. Also, you do realise they shoot a lot of videos in one go... months in advance. If you follow her on insta etc you would know she’s nowhere near this complexion irl. Nykaa owes her an apology.
Parineeta Khamkar (5 days ago)
She puts so much efforts to look flawless and make videos for dusky girls 😕
jack of all trades (5 days ago)
Indian (specially mumbai )weather doesnot need so much products and hydration. koreans have a very dry cold climate the whole year which is not the case in india( south india or coastal area especially). Please verify before you preach.
Tejaswini Singh (4 days ago)
It's just Marketing
Krithika Shelvarajen (5 days ago)
Hey upload videos on makeup look that is suitable for all skin types & how to find perfect nude nail polish for different skin tones please
Anindita Saha (5 days ago)
Too worse looking face,remove your tan please dosent look good on you girl..
Respectevery soul (5 days ago)
Debashree looks fair in her video and dark in Nykaa videos, anyone who follows both Nykaa and her channel will understand this. Everyone needs to be comfortable in their own skin tone. We do not want a fair skin girl to be painted dark nor a dark girl to be painted fair. Be you in your skin tone. Everytime some one questions about the change in skin tone on Nykaa videos we will get the same answer that she went on to a vacation and her face got tanned. I think that is why people are confused between her channel complexion and her Nykaa complexion and hence the tan comment had come in. I do not think Anindhita targeted dark skin.
Vaish _ (5 days ago)
Every colour is beautiful. She is beautiful in every way. Take your 'fair&lovely' attitude somewhere else girl. This is 2018. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
Swati Shinde (5 days ago)
Its her real skintone,see her body is also of same color.. not every brown girl is tanned. Get over fair skin and get a life.
Simran Kaur (5 days ago)
Anindita Saha people like you make other people feel bad what's wrong with her tan it's her face
Miss Kitty (5 days ago)
I have discovered 3 brands that Nykaa is selling. 1. Gorgio Professional 2.Nourish vitals 3. St. Botanica Now my concern is..all the products from these brands are reviewed and rated by 100-400 buyers and all have 5/5 STARS ratings. Is This even remotely possisble?? And then I decided to read the reviews. Almost all the reviews follow an identical sentence framing structure ..just the user name is changed. Has anyone else noticed this too?? I don't know what shady business are they up to. Now fake reviews are on Nykaa as well...so be careful people. I have commented this on one of their previous videos.. but those reviews and products are still there.
Let’s Ghume (5 days ago)
applying so much of product which is chemically manufactured of different brands ofcrse it reacts the sensitive skin of the face . Its's feel too bulky after using so much of products specially if u r going to bed............Not at all infomative
Tejaswini Singh (4 days ago)
It's just Marketing
Hit like if even washing your face twice is a task for you 😂
S D (5 days ago)
Your face is looking too oily
Bhawna Malhotra (3 days ago)
+Litza Dey Have a good life.. May God bless you 😃 From Auntie😃
Litza Dey (3 days ago)
+Bhawna Malhotra Ohmygod 🤣 On her channel? She looks like 5 shades lighter and that is because she has ring lights just 10 cm away from her face and sometimes the camera settings are made like that so they get max light, something with aperture. So basically when she looks fair on her channel artificially, you like her but when without those artificial things of increasing light falling on your face and making you look brighter, you think natural tanned skin is dull? Look, please this is embarassing to see on yt coming from someone who is atleast 10 yrs older than me. Auntie, please make sure your children atleast go to nice school so they don't grow up to be like you. Everyone is beautiful irrespective of how they look and please don't say dull to any dark skinned girl just like that, we were taught to be mindful of what we say and write.
Bhawna Malhotra (4 days ago)
+Litza Dey no tanned skin isn't supposed to look dull.. she looks so glowing , energetic on her channel . And yes here I find her skin dull and oily.. Think whatever you wanna think like..
Litza Dey (4 days ago)
+Bhawna Malhotra I am sorry but ya, I stay in Pondi for Christmas every year and I do see thousands of girls like her and I don't consider them looking dull by any mean. You may try to cover up what you said but I am not backing up from my stance. Clearly, her skin was shiny but dull? That is how tanned skin is supposed to look, what do you expect?
Bhawna Malhotra (4 days ago)
+Litza Dey OMG you know what you are being judgemental.. I never said anything about her complexion. I respect each n every skin colour. I don't believe in all this. Dull skin is different than dark skin.. Do some research first. PS-- my best friend is south Indian
zainab (5 days ago)
Such a wrong information! You should NEVER use a serum along with an ampoule, as both are too concentrated. Your skin cannot take up so much. And serum and essence are NOT same. Plus, emulsion is similar to moisturiser, so there’s no need to use both. And, green tea water cannot take away the oil cleanser, you need a foam cleanser for that. And also mention that certain products are for anti ageing, so that most of your young viewers should not buy it. Such a marketing gimmick by Nykaa.
Rashmi Kumari (5 days ago)
zainab true, debashree is also another waste with skin care routine.
Monalisa Sengupta (5 days ago)
+priya sarkar Yes u should
Vaish _ (5 days ago)
+zainab Also if you are using a sheet mask with mainly humectants like Glycerin, Butylene Glycol and Hyaluronic acid and is not a cream or oil based sheet mask, it is ideal to follow it up with atleast a light moisturiser. Humectants basically doesn't moisturize but retain them. So if your skin is very dry and if you are using only Hyaluronic acid, then your skin will become more dry
zainab (5 days ago)
Pragya Sharma perfect answer! Sheet masks are meant for over all purpose. If you feel dry, you shoul go for the most moisturising mask that have humectants. Avocado, honey, olive oil, coconut oul or hyaluronic acid will great.
Meena gomathy (5 days ago)
Too much of products
PaVi's innovation (5 days ago)
I too have a small channel plz support me too
PaVi's innovation (5 days ago)
Niz dear
Sumedha Gulati (5 days ago)
Sumathi yuvaraj (5 days ago)
Hi baby u looking so cute....
Eshika Bubna (5 days ago)
I do 6 layers of chia seed toner every single day no matter how much i m tired i donot skip skincare . ❤
Snita Bhowmick (4 days ago)
That The Face Shop Chia Seed Toner is absolute love. 😍 I love the Chia seed better than the white seed.
Neha Parmar (4 days ago)
@eshika how has it worked for you? I have oily skin
akshaya sara (5 days ago)
That's actually great
Bhawna Malhotra (5 days ago)
That's great 😃
Eshika Bubna (5 days ago)
+Aneeqa Hussain 🤘
Bhavika Khedekar (5 days ago)
Chandhi Sha (5 days ago)
One of my favorite routine

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