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Reviewing MOST Hyped & Popular Skincare Products: Drunk Elephant, Farmacy, Krave & More! (Pt. 1)

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Hey guys! So you asked, we listened!! We rounded up the top skincare products of 2018 that claim to help with acne, breakouts, smooth texture and overall clear skin 😜We review brands including Drunk Elephant, Farmacy, Krave, Thayers, Origins and more!! Because there are SO many different brands out there, this is part of the huge series so if you have any curiosities about any brands make sure to comment below and we will add them to our list to try! Love you guys, hope you enjoy! x 🌜PRODUCTS🌛 🔹Summer Fridays ╰ Jetlag Mask https://amzn.to/2Uj5CXx 🔹Krave Beauty ╰ Matcha Hemp Hydrating cleanser ╰ Kale-aha-yula ╰ The Beet Shield 🔹Thayers ╰ Lavender toner https://amzn.to/2QC8rnw ╰ OG Aloe Vera toner https://amzn.to/2KXZ5xb 🔹Drunk Elephant ╰ Beste Jelly Cleanser https://amzn.to/2PlYiXe ╰ Sukari Babyfacial Facial https://amzn.to/2SBNUwX ╰ Marula Oil https://amzn.to/2UjXVQM ╰ Glycolic Night Serum https://amzn.to/2L4TuW5 ╰ C-Firma with Umbra Sunscreen https://amzn.to/2rmyIb6 ╰ Lala Retro Whipped Cream https://amzn.to/2SwmNTD ╰ Protini Polypeptide Cream https://amzn.to/2QEwiTI ╰ Lippie Balm https://amzn.to/2Phczol ╰ Mini-sized Glycolic Serum & Marula Oil duo https://amzn.to/2KWBQ6A 🔹Glow Recipe ╰ Watermelon Sleeping Mask https://amzn.to/2KXBDjx ╰ Watermelon Moisturizer https://amzn.to/2QFFTcM 🔹Son & Park ╰ Beauty Water https://amzn.to/2UlwTbJ 🔹Origins ╰ Willow Herb Cleansing gel https://amzn.to/2Pkmf1i ╰ Ginzing gel moisturizer https://amzn.to/2Sz94vz ╰ Charcoal honey metallic mask https://amzn.to/2PqGE52 ╰ Active Charcoal Mask https://amzn.to/2rk5Iko 🔹Farsali ╰ Unicorn Elixir https://amzn.to/2QEvvlB ╰ Rose Gold Elixir 24K Gold https://amzn.to/2PlApPz 🔹Farmacy ╰ Honey Potion Renewing Hydration Mask (heat activated!!!) https://amzn.to/2KYcXaL ╰ Bright On Massage-Activated Vitamin C Mask https://amzn.to/2EgtKW8 ╰ Honeymoon Glow http://bit.ly/2QdnowV ╰ Honey Drop Lightweight Moisturizing Cream https://amzn.to/2zNojdf ╰ Brightening Coconut Gel mask https://amzn.to/2zKvWkx * * * * * * More Videos: http://bit.ly/BeautyWithinChannel Ebates deals here : http://bit.ly/2gasKEO Get 10% off with promo code ABSMIA: http://bit.ly/1Zfi8Tp Stay in touch! Facebook: http://bit.ly/FBBeautyWithin Instagram: http://bit.ly/IGBeautyWithin Twitter: http://bit.ly/TWBeautyWithin skincare routine dry skin routine affordable beauty haul
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Text Comments (612)
Paige Jackson (5 minutes ago)
Dr jart! And any other k beauty
Daniel Tan (8 minutes ago)
Thank you for your video. 12.12 sale starts in Malaysia here. I just bought Origins products from Lazada before watching this video. After watching this video, I cant wait to get my hands on Origins products. Great effort, cant wait for your next video.
Daniel Tan (3 minutes ago)
Can you girls please make a video on Paula's Choice SKIN PERFECTING 2% BHA Liquid vs Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid? Thanks..
Sakura Neko (1 hour ago)
Have ya'll tried Pyunkang Yul?
Kristina Murphy (35 minutes ago)
Hi Rowena and Felicia, so I have cystic acne. I find that I'll get a winning combo that works like magic for about six months then suddenly is just not as effective. I'd heard from an esthetician that the Murad Anti-Aging Acne skin care is like voodoo magic. However the $170 price tag for the set make's me a wee bit squeemish. Could Mia maybe review as I think we have similar skin concerns.(Dry, ance prone, and not 20 but still gorgeous! lol) Thanks for this beautiful chanel! I honestly don't know what my skin would do without you guys. Hugs!
You certainly love skincare! Check out our @medicalwale.com page, I know you will find something to include into your routine.
Eden Sayings (3 hours ago)
Could you please review Neutrogena products?
CHESTER LOCKHART (5 hours ago)
Krave beet the sun (the beer shield in USA) is the only sunscreen I will ever use!!!
Sofie Linnea (7 hours ago)
I can not recommend origins drink up intensive overnight mask enough! It was a life saver when I was in accutane. If you don’t know what accutane is it is an acne medication that turns off the your oil production which makes your skin super dry. I used this mask EVERY NIGHT for close to 9 months and I still have a lot of product left. It makes your skin so soft when you wake up!
Leilanni Beauty (9 hours ago)
Do you use the Glow Recipe Moisturizer alone or underneath a moisturizer daily? Because it says you can use it as a serum if you have dry skin! I want to know how you use it! :) thanks
Cinthiaocx (10 hours ago)
What are your opinions on Clinique skincare?
Cinthiaocx (10 hours ago)
Can you guys make a video about affordable Korean skincare?? I’m getting into skincare and I hear great things about Korean products.
ifrah Shamim (10 hours ago)
Can you please show how to layer all these products.
Olivia Wilhite (11 hours ago)
this is really helpful!! not only is it expensive to try out all of these but my skin is so incredibly sensitive that most of them probably wouldnt work for me anyways :”(
Neeka Garcia (11 hours ago)
Can you try tatcha please thank you
Very Helpfull video
Amy Nguyen (12 hours ago)
I'm just now discovering your channel and I have been missing OUT! You guys have such amazing back and forth, your personalities are so warm and lovely. I'm amazed by how educational your content is, it is so digestible and the entertainment and information value is incredible! This video made me wonder... would you consider creating one featuring tips on a routine for traveling, especially when you are on an airplane for the long haul and need to combat dehydration and all the close-quarter nasties? If you've already addressed something like this in a previous video...ah! So sorry to be redundant - keep being awesome, you ladies rock!
Paola Rossy (12 hours ago)
ella m. (12 hours ago)
Beauty water makes my make up sooo glowy. Ah love it!
Marie Jacques Nherisson (12 hours ago)
Thayers rose water toner doesn't work for me; I have dry skin. It was the first toner I tried
Marie Jacques Nherisson (13 hours ago)
Serious question: what do you do after you use an overnight mask? Do you continue your skincare routine from the mask or do you wash your face all over again?
julee hong (13 hours ago)
Please try Fresh!!
Mahé Pereira (14 hours ago)
Khiel's 💕
amanda rivera (14 hours ago)
Buyers be warned Drunk elephant has some of the worst ingredients in them! Look up Dr Dray YouTube channel she is a very educated dermatologist and she breaks it down for those of us that don't know any better and believe what the labels are selling. She has saved me so much money not only that she will give you health options.
hannahrynae (15 hours ago)
I would love to see you guys review dermalogica please!
blogistuff (15 hours ago)
You guys should do some products from Simple(especially their newer lines) and Tatcha, since it's a bit pricy
Mi En Kim (15 hours ago)
Please, try Mario Badescu's products!
Vena Qin (15 hours ago)
3:06 arginine as the hype ingredient?? Bro I can just buy myself some chicken n eat 9 grams of it. I don’t need to dump my wallet out on skincare for it.
Danann Moreau (16 hours ago)
How about Bare minerals?
Mia Elgergawi (18 hours ago)
The ordinary
Britt Cone (19 hours ago)
Using a lot of product vs a “normal” dosage shouldn’t cause a reaction like that, which sounds like it may have been contact dermatitis or something similar. Thayers products include fragrance, which is obviously one of the biggest sources of skin allergens and is more likely the source of the rxn.
Karla Reyes (20 hours ago)
Please include the belief brand next time around. Ty! Much love!
Megan Taljaard (20 hours ago)
The marula fruit that falls off the tree ferments on the ground and the elephants eat it. Amarula is a cream based drink made from the fruit that many people like. Keep up the great videos! :) (I'm South African, btw)
Crystal Acosta (20 hours ago)
I love your videos!! They are so full of good information. I am trying to find what my best skin care routine would be and I have found that watching your videos has helped the best! I love that y’all discuss the ingredients, I’m allergic to salicylic acid so I have to be careful of what I use. Thank you for being so thorough and informative!!!
J (21 hours ago)
Lool Felicia is soo funny. Love her🤓
Premier Varitier (21 hours ago)
I would love to see you guys review the skin line boscia
Aisha Ze (22 hours ago)
I prefer using farsali products with makeup, i love how it enhances and makes the makeup more flawless
rachel newport (23 hours ago)
hey guys, what do you do with super deep pimples that are very big but buried under the skin and just look like a bump? i usually dont have any problem with my skin, and used to have beautiful perfect skin... but ever since i moved from israel to germany, my face is terrible, and im having very big deep pimples... i have no idea what to do and im so miserable! pls help! love you girls <3
The Seoul In Me (23 hours ago)
I always love your interaction with each other as it makes your videos enjoyable to watch. Anyway, I do suggests you try Farm Stay brand, I have tried most of their products and it never cause me to have bad skin reaction, it's effective and more reasonably price from most of the products you both present. I also recommend Swisse Manuka Honey Mask, after using it, it's like your skin is baby's bottom. More power to you both.
Jennifer Yi-Ping Tseng (23 hours ago)
Love this episode!!!
Sarah Kwak (1 day ago)
2:21 Felicia's sound effects of inflamed bumps 😂😂
holly2823 (1 day ago)
Cerave please!!
Looking for The Body Shop products
Kaylee Czentnar (1 day ago)
CeraVe, burts bees, fresh, Neutrogena
Chloe xx (1 day ago)
Atoclassic, Pyungkang Yul, Dear Klairs, Heimish
Ai Lee Moo (1 day ago)
Can u do a video about face high tech tools like foreo ufo n etc...thks🤗
monica finrely (1 day ago)
hey Rowena and Felicia, I want to ask you guys what alcohol free face wash that's best for combination towards dry skin? because I can't use alcohol on my face, thankyou so much before, keep fighting!!
mary newsom (1 day ago)
Fantastic video, as always! I love this new series, there are so many over-hyped brands out there and these in-depth reviews really help! Out of curiosity, does the Beet It sunscreen from Krave make your face oily? I've been wanting to try it out but have very oily/combo skin. Thanks!
Michelle Laadeedaa (1 day ago)
what about the Origins Drink Up overnight mask? :O :O
Amaris Alonzo (1 day ago)
Can you do a video on what products and routine would be good for oily, dehydrated, sensitive skin with cystic acne ??!? I have textured skin which I hate because I always look 10 years older with makeup on, I usually only break out around that time of the month and I’ll get one or two huge cysts that will sometimes scar.. I have a lot of raised bump scars from my cystic acne as a teenager and everyone always comments on it because they think it’s “acne” but I’m pretty sure they’re just scars.... anyway I normally just use cetaphil daily cleanser and ponds face cream and I feel like I look pretty bright after that.. til the makeup goes on lol but someone mentioned that these products don’t do anything for my face and I should try stuff for my specific needs but ever since I’ve started trying different products I feel like my skin looks not as good when I use them....: help me lol I’m only 26 and I went from looking young to looking like I’m in my 30’s.. 😞👵🏽 Also, certain products that other people love, like It Secret sauce, don’t absorb into my skin just sits on top... I have been applying it after the midnight recovery so idk if that matters
Sindu (1 day ago)
Do Kiehls please! Also can you do one on just face oils!
hanyi chua (1 day ago)
Always wanted to try the son n park beauty water, but i looked up on the ingredient list and found out that it contains denat alcohol and phenoxyethanol, which i believe arent good for our skin?... Hope you can give some advice about it!
Bella Lynh (1 day ago)
Hajra Jamal (1 day ago)
Arginine is pronounced as ar-gee-neene :) really informative video love it
Pauline Susanto (1 day ago)
Do a product for body or hair care routine! That will be nice 💕
giuffarina (1 day ago)
Hey guys, great video! Just a quick one on the origins charcoal masks. I’ve used the one from the tube for years just for spot treatment. So whenever I have a spot on my face, I put it just on top of it and it really help it clear out quicker without having to put it all over my face.
Evelyn Pao (1 day ago)
Omg this is so useful! Thank you guys sooo much!!
Emory Dettwiler (1 day ago)
I wish they did youth to the people
Jennifer (1 day ago)
Hey! I’ve been wondering what skin type I am. Sometimes I feel dry, but then I feel oily after a couple hours. It’s so hard finding products when I don’t know what my skin type is! Can you do a video where you address this? Btw, I love you guys so much!
SusanneFlora (1 day ago)
Omg, I used the thayers toner the wrong way too and it really ruined my skin!! 😭😭😭
iasabel jones (1 day ago)
thaatsdopee (1 day ago)
You guys should sell the beauty within white sweater! It's lovely :)
Shivani Gogar (1 day ago)
kayu man (1 day ago)
Which is better vitamin c or niancinimide for dry skin? Also affordable product recommendations? Like the thayers one?
Amy Blann (1 day ago)
Please review Herbivore and Sunday Riley!
ingridfrancesca (1 day ago)
Can the Son & Park Beauty Water also be used as a mist??
Mardhiah Shukri (1 day ago)
Hey guys! I want to know.. What did you to the product that will cause breakout to you? Like the thayers
Marisa M (1 day ago)
Can you please do a review on the glow recipe avocado sleeping mask vs the jet lag mask? I was also wondering if you like the ordinary toner or the pixi glow tonic better? I have acne prone skin that is a little oily in my t zone and dry around my mouth area. Thank you! I really love how in depth your videos are! There’s so many products out there I don’t always know which ones to get
dalena533 (2 days ago)
Farsali has a new product called Skintune Blur Perfecting Primer Serum , I like the concept and I heard great reviews on it but the price is pretty steep
Tina Nava (2 days ago)
Do you use the farmacy honeymoon glow everyday?
Lauryn Pillay (2 days ago)
Please review neutrogena💕
Hoang Nguyen (2 days ago)
The thing that bothers me is that these two are not professionals. They wouldn’t have made that witch hazel mistake if they were.
huehuehuehe (2 days ago)
is the body shop a good brand to use?
APARNA RAO (2 days ago)
The lady on the left in light blue shirt, where is this outfit from? Could you please share, are the dark blue ribbon and straps attached to the blouse or is it worn separately? Please please if you can share. 🙏🙏
norita muhd (2 days ago)
is the mia sasha among your favourites?
Anna (2 days ago)
Can u guys please try Mario Debasco products!!!!
duangjais (2 days ago)
Can you do a VDO on how to make your hair look so shiny like in this VDO?
Anusha San (2 days ago)
Can you do a one-brand review of Sunday Riley or Paula's choice (specially their body range)? Or maybe a video for budget skincare? (Under $20 or smth??)
Elise Tieu (2 days ago)
Saturday Skin!
Cate Roberts (2 days ago)
Holy moly I just found you guys and wow new fav channel 🙌🏽🙌🏽
Stacia A (2 days ago)
Kale-aha-yula? 😂 It’s KALE-lalu-yAHA
Raymond Li (2 days ago)
Neogen Dermology, Iope, Shangpree, Mamonde, Iope, Peach & Lily personal line, and also Soko Glam's D'alba line. Sorry for the long list. I am one of the few male subscribers who like skincare because who doesn't want clear skin and want to feel confident about it.
Aditi Gaikwad (2 days ago)
Need similarity plz
Pia liveinmars (2 days ago)
Revieiw saturday skin!!
Denise Munoz (2 days ago)
Neogen, please!!!
laladada7 (2 days ago)
Same my mom does the watermelon thing
laladada7 (2 days ago)
Also, can you try Sunday Riley?
Phoenix Nielsen (2 days ago)
Youth to the people is a great brand I just started using. They sell it at Sephora
Alexa Kulikauskas (2 days ago)
You girls are beautiful! So appreciative of your honest reviews and tips. I’d love to see your thoughts on more dermatologist/skincare brands by doctors, such as Peter Thomas Roth, Dr. Dennis Gross and Murad. Personally, I’ve been loving Murad’s multi-vitamin infusion oil (with my rose quartz facial roller), Murad’s new revitalixir recovery serum and all of the Peter Thomas Roth hydra-eye gel patches, and I love all 3 SO much. I have oily/combo/sensitive/acne prone skin so it’s hard for me to find the right products, especially once seasons change. They’re my holy grails and I have my family and friends all hooked on those products :)
Carly Hedlund (2 days ago)
If you guys are gonna do another video like this some other skincare brands I’m curious about are herbivore, kiehl’s, fresh and biossance. And could you maybe do a comparison of herbivore’s blue tansy mask and drunk elephant’s sukari babyfacial? They’re both aha + bha masks which makes me think they might do the same thing but herbivore is cheaper but is it just as effective if not better than the drunk elephant baby facial?
treana zavala (2 days ago)
skincare heaven
Lesly Rodriguez (2 days ago)
Love your videos, learned so much ! Can you please talk about WheatGrass benefits ?
Brenda Wheeler (2 days ago)
What is the cheapest but still effective brands? And is there a video on like what to put on before moisterizers and after?... Im kinda new to this whole face rutine and the most i habe trouble with is small pimples and purple redish skin. Any ideas on what i can do to reduce that?
Pat Z (2 days ago)
I would like to know the BEST time of day to use some of these products. For example, the instructions for many of them say to use morning and night, but once you've tried them out, their consistency or absorption rate really tells you if you should use it more at night or if it will lay nicely under make-up. That would be good to know. Thanks so much!
Essie G (2 days ago)
Can you do holeherniksen!?
Cassie Torvinen (2 days ago)
Will you be reviewing true botanicals? Specifically the clear line?
Ricardo Quintero orci (2 days ago)
can I mix in my skincare routine brands like Lush and First aid beauty?
Cristina Jageka (2 days ago)
Thayer's made me break out too!!
Kharissa Edwards (2 days ago)
Very informative and aesthetically pleasing! You both just got a new subscriber!
adriennemeagan (2 days ago)
I just love how informative you guys are! I appreciate it so much!
Alyx Davidson (2 days ago)
I'd caution people against Farmacy because it sounds like a cool idea but echinacea is a type of ragweed and therefore a common allergen. I had a terrible reaction to their eye cream. The FDA advises against using echinacea as an ingredient because so many people are allergic to it but don't know.
Joelle (7 hours ago)
I couldn't use Farmacy either.
Kara Palette (1 day ago)
Alyx Davidson that’s helpful to know!
katzrina019 (2 days ago)
i really wanted to try the Drunk Elephant line but i have oily/sensitive skin. what are the products you guys recommend as being a first timer on skincare?

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