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Hi loves, here is my updated skin care routine. Remember these tips and products are what works best for my skin, so just know it may or may not work for your skin. I hope you guys enjoy! Don't forget to like and subscribe! ♡ Skincare products start at 4:45 Drugstore Skincare Routine - https://youtu.be/5jr12eV2B_w ♡ I N S T A G R A M @brixana https://www.instagram.com/brixana/ ♡ T W I T T ER @brixana_ https://mobile.twitter.com/abrixana_ ♡ S N A P C H A T bri_xanaa https://www.snapchat.com/add/bri_xanaa |F A Q| Name: Briana Race: Black & White Location: Florida Age: 21 Camera: Canon Rebel T6i For business inquiries, please contact at briwrightbmw@gmail.com
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Briana Monique' (2 days ago)
Omg!!!!! You guys are coming at my neck for saying cold water opens your pores! I meant to say warm, sheeeesh people say the wrong things and makes mistakes, I’m human. LEAVE ME ALONE. Thank you
Anelly And Jacob (5 hours ago)
Briana Monique' lol leave me alone 😂😂👌🏼 flip dinero girl your beautiful af loving your channel just subbed
Anelly And Jacob (5 hours ago)
We want a night time too lol
Anelly And Jacob (5 hours ago)
Briana Monique' your beautiful girl 🌹
Dani Dee (23 hours ago)
Briana Monique' AMEN!!!!
Neysa (1 day ago)
If you edit videos, you could catch those mistakes. There was a bit of mis information throughout the video. I think if you're presenting something to people even if it's just a routine that works for you, there needs to be more substantial information
André Van Damme (25 minutes ago)
Warm/hot water open your pores. You should know better.
Kanika Sharma (1 hour ago)
Your so pretty and your skin flawless! 😍😍
MiaRose (2 hours ago)
Ohh hell NOOO lol she said her skin looks "Dull and Tired" smh...lookin the bomb and makin me feel like a bomb...if I had that skin I would be like ooohh my skin so flawwlesss lmaoo
alfredo lopez (2 hours ago)
cetaphil so cheap
alfredo lopez (2 hours ago)
i stay clear of drug store brands
suvy t (2 hours ago)
Yesss every product she mention is true !!! I love them too and work . I just found your channel by this video and plus my skin is not bad but it has been recently 😒 I want my skin complexion to look like yours !! Btw you’re sooo pretty girl you deserve more recognition . Subscribed (:
Briana Monique' (1 hour ago)
Thanks hun 💕
Zhané Ross (3 hours ago)
I’m pescatarian also ✊🏾
Liss (4 hours ago)
It sounds like she had a retainer in? Or maybe Invisalign?
Briana Monique' (3 hours ago)
Anelly And Jacob (5 hours ago)
I want to see night time routine ! Girl your flawless new to your channel❤️
Chantelle SM (10 hours ago)
Damn why is there so much hurt in your comments?? I enjoyed your video, keep them coming b!
Tabasom Mehri (20 hours ago)
I’m so happy I found someone with combo skin I feel like not much people on yt have this skin type
Tabasom Mehri (20 hours ago)
Omg I feel you girl I have combo skin
Catherine Sanjana (21 hours ago)
Pls mention the products in description
alex uppload (22 hours ago)
I felt so awkward when she said her skin looked tired and dull, because it literally looked flawless, bright, and full of life. 😂
BeautyWithMariah (1 day ago)
Your skin is beautiful 🥰
syd baum (1 day ago)
Alex (1 day ago)
Ur face shape 😭😍 im jealous u are so fucking beautiful 😭😭😭😭😭😍😪 sick of it
Busisiwe Jili (1 day ago)
Your skin looks great
You certainly love skincare! Check out our @medicalwale.com page, I know you will find something to include into your routine.
Rachel Isreal (1 day ago)
You are kinda rude responding to ppl in the comments. Like is it hard for you to take criticism without saying something smart back? Your bracelets are kinda distracting with all the talking you’re doing, you are talking kinda loud. Ain’t nobody tryna attack you🙄
Ilsils Kay (7 hours ago)
Lem Yoh (1 day ago)
Yes can we please see your nighttime skincare routine
Nicole J. (1 day ago)
Girl you’re right I’ve been in Florida my whole life and our water system is trash! It’s because it’s hard water.
Crystal Denney (2 days ago)
That’s crazy cuz I’ve lived in Va all my life and my skin is HORRIBLE but every time I visit Florida my skin miraculously clears up
Morgan Taylor (2 days ago)
I just moved to Fl from NY and I notice a big difference. They are little pimples but I notice a difference. im a medical Aesthetician I work with dermatologists and literally skin care differs so much from NY to here I wasn't expecting THIS much of a change. I have already switched my routine up slightly. Hydrafacials have continuously helped my skin no matter where I am so at least that can stay consistent! great video!
Samantha Fraser (2 days ago)
I have lots of dark spots ...my skins habe change to dry ...help!
MyTravel (2 days ago)
Your “very dull and very tired” face on the beginning is my face after I do my skincare routine :’(
Sarin A (2 days ago)
Yes florida water and weather bad for my skin too ugh
Fatimah Alsabri (2 days ago)
I use the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. Do you think the Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser is better?
Stephanie Vega (2 days ago)
Such a natural beautiful young women!
Lisa Morris (2 days ago)
I love your eyelashes
Shermta F (2 days ago)
You're so beautify
mawadda el-ayoubi (2 days ago)
stunning 💘
#LLJ (2 days ago)
yesss tell me I need clear skin
Johnnie Blaze (2 days ago)
You look amazing.💯🔥🔥🔥👊🏿
Mikayla Lawrence (2 days ago)
Cold water does NOT close pores. Pores are NOT muscles, therefore they do NOT/canNOT open or close. Warmer water only makes sebum easier to extract.
Mikayla Lawrence (40 minutes ago)
+Aleta B I was referring to people in the comments
Aleta B (1 hour ago)
Mikayla Lawrence she meant warm water
Viviana M (2 days ago)
I would dieee to have my skin like yours 😿 so beautiful
Gabriela Colon (2 days ago)
Is you dumb cold water closed you pores warm water opens them
Briana Monique' (2 days ago)
And I meant to say warm dummy
Briana Monique' (2 days ago)
Your the one who’s gotta be dumb. “Is you” ??? Lmao
KaileenaOni Does Art (2 days ago)
"My skin is looking very dull and tired" *Boi WHERE*
Dunya's world (7 hours ago)
alex uppload (22 hours ago)
KaileenaOni Does Art RIGHTT. If I had her skin I would feel so blessed.
haleema ayoub (1 day ago)
KaileenaOni Does Art oh my god yeah😂
Jessica (2 days ago)
Naturally gorgeous 😍😍
Christin K (2 days ago)
as much as i enjoy watching skincare routines, i don't like when people advertise "clear skin" routines. everyone's skin reacts differently to different ingredients. i break out to clearasil and personally don't rock with their ingredients of parabens. be sure to look at ingredients and experiment with different brands until you've found what works for you.
ANA rosario (3 days ago)
Of course hygiene helps , the pillow cases and washing your hands , drinking at lot water and trying to eat healthy!! Is true it those help but skin is more than that , (Linoleic and Oleic acid, ph level, acid mental , moisture barrier etc) there’s a lot that you need to take care of , not just because of pimples , but for anti aging too!!
Nicky o (3 days ago)
great products, but what about spf sunscreen????
Aracely Velasquez (3 days ago)
can someone please tell me what her skin type is ?? please ):
Briana Monique' (2 days ago)
Edie N. (3 days ago)
Now my skin is looking very full and tired 🧐🧐🧐
Kajanei Lo (3 days ago)
Those spin brushes are so unhygienic. I use a „vibrating“ silicon pad from amazon. And it cleanses and gently exfoliates my skin so well:)
Legenden L (2 days ago)
What do you mean unhygienic??
Storm Taylor (3 days ago)
Okay but your eyebrows though 👏🏾
Armoni Jordan (3 days ago)
I hate when y’all be like y’all skin be dull and all that like nah sis yo skin on 💯
D'Jhane Costin (3 days ago)
You look like @cubanlink from Instagram
Gabriela Cingel (3 days ago)
missy south (3 days ago)
New straight hair routine please. I need that shiny, sleek no frizz look too. Yessss hunty
AMABLEU (4 days ago)
Florida water trash asl
Oniel Boreland (4 days ago)
U skin is so pretty
crispina (4 days ago)
your skin is bomb.com 😍
Aurora Ray (4 days ago)
Your BEAUTIFUL!! JEEZ I wish I looked like u🔥🔥💜🌸👌🏽😘😘😘😘😱😱😱😱😱
Bwrightback _ (4 days ago)
Okay but why do we have the same name
tof (4 days ago)
You’re gorgeous 😻
Briana Monique' (4 days ago)
Thank you!
Edie Lauzon (4 days ago)
Girl you need to do a lil more research, warm water opens pores & cold closes them. You also need to moisturize your oily areas , even if you have extremely oily skin, moisturizing is still a necessity. Not hating on you or anything but you just sound a little uneducated, just giving you some advice :)
Legenden L (2 days ago)
+chinenye mosanya oh, so now it's rude to point out something and say your own opinion?
chinenye mosanya (2 days ago)
@Edie Lauzon You are just unbearably rude!
Briana Monique' (4 days ago)
I meant to say warm water, and I told you in the beginning of the video this is what works be for ME
Gingerbread Girl (5 days ago)
First 3 seconds of the video: "Right now my skin is looking very dull and very tired" Me: is sitting here with nasty ass acne and giant pores and rough cheeks from pitted scars *cries in ugly*
MissNayla Baby (5 days ago)
You look like kevin gates wife dreaka
Shavonne Jefferson (5 days ago)
Once she said cetaphil i clicked off that shit sucks
Katlyn Groom (5 days ago)
CeraVe products are AMAZING, and it’s what my dermatologist recommends! I use the foaming cleanser, removes makeup and dirt/oil without irritating, and it contains ceramides which help significantly with the healing and strengthening of your skin. It also has niacinamide which helps reduce redness and calm the skin. Cetaphil can be irritating due to the ingredients that are harmful to your respiratory system.
ChyWorld (5 days ago)
PLEASE DO A NIGHT TIME SKIN CARE ROUTINE! This was really informative! The night time routine is what is most needed because that's when we take off our makeup. Your night routine would help prevent breakout. Please 🙏🏾 thanks!!
Alaysha Nicole (5 days ago)
What camera do you use?
Your hair is so shiny! How do you get it that way? What hair products do you use?? Could you please do a hair routine video? Xoxo
c k (6 days ago)
omg u should collar w lovely Bryana I keep mixing y'all up but y'all look like doppelgängers
briggett mumphrey (6 days ago)
Oh and birth control dramatically can change your skin for the better
briggett mumphrey (6 days ago)
If you cant get good skin go to dermatologists
briggett mumphrey (6 days ago)
And mask once a week
briggett mumphrey (6 days ago)
I just use Dickinson witch hazel twice a day and jade roll. Twice a day no touching my face drinking only water and waxing my chin and eyebrows
Only Lauren (6 days ago)
Damn I'm ugly....💕
Rosie M (6 days ago)
Shawty looks like Jordan sparks
Tabrasia W (6 days ago)
Loved the video sus ❤️
Eurika Wright (6 days ago)
You're right about the cold water. I ice my skin twice a day and it makes a HUGE difference with your circulation and pores and how your skin absorbs your products.🙂
Anagely Miranda (6 days ago)
Eyebrows goals ❤ we need an updated eyebrow grooming routine!! they look so good
Andrea no (6 days ago)
Dear God you're stunning!!🙌🙌
Parris Lindsey (6 days ago)
just discovered your channel and had to subscribe! :) love your videos
ItsKrazy Arge (6 days ago)
Noghtimeeeee 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Miriam Kromah (7 days ago)
You’re gorgeous. Eyebrows, lashes, skin 😍
Miriam Kromah (7 days ago)
Cetaphil Thayers witch hazel toner & rosehip oil Are great for moisture and getting rid of scars and stuff. Genetics and diet also play a part in clear skin. The less product you use the better your skin will look.
fifikhalifa barry (7 days ago)
Always put you're products on you're neck. If you don't in few years time you're face and neck will have 2 different texture.
dimple me (7 days ago)
Girl went from a drugstore routine to mostly high end products....
Night time routine 🙏🏽
Shyrese Jones (7 days ago)
I mean of course if your not from Florida our water is not gonna taste good to you...your not used to our taste 😭
Jameela Kha (7 days ago)
Im from VA tooooo what part are you from ??
taylor baker (7 days ago)
cold water literally closes your pores lol
Tati Diamond (7 days ago)
Tati Diamond (7 days ago)
Tatyana Sapp (7 days ago)
Your brows look amazing...
Bretmanbitch (7 days ago)
That one big eyelash is annoying me
raissaabigail (7 days ago)
just found your channel! you are freaking beautiful!!! 😍
Hanna Safar (7 days ago)
“-right now my skin is very dull and tired” LMAOOO BItcH WhaT YOuR SkIN is literally smooth and clear and ughhhh
I want to see a night time routine
Gayathri angel (7 days ago)
Wow ur skin
Kris (7 days ago)
I love good skin care products but a lot of skin issues are genetic. I hate when people ask me about my skin because I feel like I need to tell them I'm doing something special but honestly I don't drink enough water and I drink too much wine and Jack Daniels LMAO.
1MsGorgeous (3 days ago)
Kay Gee (6 days ago)
Kris yess honesty 😂😩
Isabel Rangel (7 days ago)
You’re gorgeous without makeup!!!!!
Miryah Mckenzie ♡ (7 days ago)
Jackie Najera (7 days ago)
You already know we need that night time routine
desiree gonzales (7 days ago)
Finally !!! 🥰😘😍
Seforah B (7 days ago)
wow, your skin is so even and flawless ✨

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