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How to wash your birkin sandle in 2 MINUTE! [ 2分钟教学如何清洗birkin ]

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Do your birkin having dark spots on the footbed? Do u ever face similar issue before? Not sure what method to wash your birkin? Try this method :) Enjoy the vid *************************** Song *************************** Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger
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kaitlyn wade (2 months ago)
I definitely wouldn’t recommend doing this; it’ll dry out the leather and ruin the cork if it’s not properly sealed. I use a tiny bit of baking soda mixed with a little water to make a thick paste and use an old toothbrush I just use for cleaning and keep it only on the inside sole of the shoe. Not even sure if that’s a recommended way of cleaning but I definitely wouldn’t get the whole shoe wet.
Jt Charpontier (8 months ago)
"How to ruin birkenstocks"
Hello Moto (9 months ago)
That’s def not the right way lol
Pathan Javed (7 months ago)
Mohaimen mohsin (9 months ago)
I work in birkenstock and what are you doing is wrong it will destroy the cork its so dumb what are you do here
Priscilla Machuca (1 year ago)
What detergent did you use?
Hobby Build (1 year ago)
i use normal body shampoo, just to remove oil stain, mild detergent will be good
ken antosch jr (1 year ago)
y wash your sexy foot print away
Hobby Build (1 year ago)
my foot cant breath with that condition LOL
Ian Jang (1 year ago)
Should I wash that? I heard that it does not wash by water.
Hobby Build (1 year ago)
cannot wash it often but i just get annoyed by the sticky base once it is old. Instead of change another pair, i wash it. Is not suggested to wash with water if the base sealant is worn out.
Anna Claire (2 years ago)
I would be careful with scrubbing the sides because of the cork. It can deteriorate. If I did that I would get some cork sealant to put on the sides of the shoe.
Hobby Build (2 years ago)
yeah you need to be very careful on the sides because it peels off really easy. Just scrub it gently with tooth brush will be good :)

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