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Product Used: LANEIGE MINI PORE WATERLCAY MASK ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- haloo, iv been using this product for +- 6months. And the result is my pore getting smaller and clear. My face also being smoother after im using this product ^^. You cant notice the result just at one try, as i write on tittle "skincare routine" so you have to use this product frequently. For me, im use this once a week because i have other mask (mask sheet, wash off mask, etc) :) This clay mask suitable for all skin type even for sensitive skin bcause my mom has sensitive skin but this product work very well. While mine is combination skin n this mask also doing right on me. But if you have acne skin, this mask will not help you, bcause this just focus on your "pore". I've been using this with my mom for at least 6 months and still have a little left. Its really worth it with the price around IDR 280k, it really give best result for me ^^ Repurchase? Of course :) Thankyou for watching 💕 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Editing: Windows Movie Maker Music: [EPIDEMIC SOUND FREE ROYALTY MUSIC] Mondays ft Lucy - Be With You ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Instagram: Instagram.com/tiaranovenvia ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 💸Not Sponsored Hope you guys enjoy my video :) xx
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desi natalia (28 days ago)
Ka, boleh tau step skincare sehari2 apa ajaa? atau buat untuk next video bole kak :))
Cinthia Titania (8 months ago)
Untuk kulit berminyak cocok ga ka?
tiara novenvia (8 months ago)
Cinthia Titania cocok kok, malah ini membantu ngurangin minyak berlebih jg say 😁 kulitku kombinasi tzone berminyak, pipi dagu normal hehehe
Harwgaming (9 months ago)
Mantap terus berkarya Semangat!!!
Aurha Choocweet (9 months ago)
Belinya dmana kak?
tiara novenvia (9 months ago)
Aurha Choocweet di olshop instagram @ktudesfree kakk :)
Rillya Kharisma (9 months ago)
Bagian mana reviewnya? :(
tiara novenvia (9 months ago)
Rillya Kharisma haii, review nya ada di desc box ya semoga membantu ^^
rishabh joshi chul Soon (11 months ago)
Nice video

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