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Pembersihan komedo di hidung

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Pembersihan komedo di hidung Pembersihan komedo di hidung whitehead and blackhead Popping and blackheads removal jangan lupa subscribe untuk mendapatkan prediksi setiap hari https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFX-hKVLo6q6K2MHHz3LKBg Musik : https://www.bensound.com
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Text Comments (84)
Atikah Salamina (11 days ago)
Aq suka bngent nyabutin yg kya gitu tpi di muka aq gk ada, pengen kerja kya gitu
Dyann 26 (12 days ago)
Liat nya jijik, tpi ku suka liatny, yg ky gni like
Penyok Sejati (12 days ago)
Kaya pantat ayam
aqilla Fehan (14 days ago)
Awalnya kyk jijik gt nonton nya, ehh lama" ketagihan nonton kyk gnian, udh gtu suka bngt gemess gitu ngliatnya..
ina ina (15 days ago)
ni orang gapernah bersihin muka apa gmn yak banyak bgt
Dhea Monica (20 days ago)
Idung nya udh kek stroberry ada bintik² nya haha
Baban Fashion (21 days ago)
Ni org ga permah cuci muka satu tahun
edwardus wisnu (1 month ago)
Paling asik duduk di motor cabutin komedo sambil ngaca di spion motor.. ngga sadar tau2 leher kram.. wkwkwkw
shinta adp (3 hours ago)
edwardus wisnu anjir kirain cuma gua yang kayak gini wkwkwkwk
Nunikina Fitriyani (1 month ago)
itu ga inveksi?
Yulia Ningsih (1 month ago)
Enak bgt liatnya
Bakul Es teh (1 month ago)
Panen komedo tu
Hantono Shi (1 month ago)
Kalau cara begitu.. sudah benarkah membersihkan komedo?
Adella Putri Ayutami (1 month ago)
kok malah suka yaa liat vidio ini gemess gak ada bosennya
Riski Iloveyou (1 month ago)
Rekaman nya pakek kamera ap
ismoyo Moyo (1 month ago)
Itu hidung kah tu
Dede Ayra dan Ibu Nitta (2 months ago)
Jdi greget lhat ini video 😌😌
Adam Dinatha (2 months ago)
Ivans s (2 months ago)
Zleb zleb,seneng liatnya,haha
Sustya Ningsih (2 months ago)
jadi pngin ikut jabutin..gmees liatny..hihihi😁
Nuchtin Srie (3 months ago)
najis idung sapa itu
girlie mcgrath (3 months ago)
Arum Lly (3 months ago)
Asli dah gtau knp suka bgt ngeliat yg giniann..
Aurel Agisca (3 months ago)
Naily Zulfa (3 months ago)
Gemes liatnya
chel jiret (3 months ago)
Bermanfaat, subs back ya
Verawati Anjani (4 months ago)
Ini hidung siapa ya?
Sherly Utari (4 months ago)
Beli pinsetnya dmna?
Arizal Septino (4 months ago)
Shirley Anderson Whitely (4 months ago)
1,018 1,019 1,020 1,021...
Sheila Aprilia (4 months ago)
Sangat sangat jember
Sheila Aprilia (4 months ago)
J.P. ,'Mingo (4 months ago)
Stupid !
ichsan manganguwe (4 months ago)
Rasany mau ak yg ngerjainy, ap lg yg hitam2 itu, uhhhh
BULE TERNATE (5 months ago)
Waw... Like... Beck ya...
alex kawilarang (5 months ago)
Telaten banget....
MES (5 months ago)
Does anyone know whats with the black smudges!? Im at a loss plus clearly this face was NOT properly prepped (cleansed, exfoliated and steamed) or these marks would not be there! I know of no reason why the tech would have put this random marks on the face.....if Im incorrect please let me know because I really am curious.
Amy Curtis (8 days ago)
Look to me like a marker used to section the nose in different areas for filming
MES (4 months ago)
OH! Now THAT makes perfect sense....I didnt even consider that possibility! Thank you for informing me I appreciate any feedback...good or bad makes me better at my job! I understand what it is now but why not clean it off BEFORE extractions!? A good cleansing and maybe a warm wet towel wrap to get those pores really ready to have extractions come out easier. To me, its not helping the patient. I know I harp on prepping patient properly before and after but if needed clean during the session DO IT AGAIN, The patient will thank you!
IcedLipGloss (4 months ago)
Marie Shriner looks like the leftover residue of a pore strip. Like the biore charcoal one
MES (5 months ago)
IMO using ONLY tweezers is just not conducive to removing all debris, time, lessening pain for patient etc.... A person can only sit there for so long before they have had enough poking and prodding. Unless the goal is to make a guaranteed on going visitations for this patient for money or they dont want to get their fingers in there (fyi thats your job soooo get in there with your hands or find a new career).....for the patient's sake and even your own time....USE the assortment of tools and your own fingers!! Why put anyone through this laborious ordeal is just ridiculous, unprofessional and shows lack of experience!
Adinda aa (5 months ago)
Tangan ku pengen nggaruk tuh hidung sumpahh asli greget banget gw😂😂
Nur Khamidah p (1 month ago)
Prilia Ayudyasari (5 months ago)
Gemessshh pengen juga ngecabut komedonya
maa audy (5 months ago)
Beli mansetny dmn please reply...
Aufa illaah (2 days ago)
wkwkwk ngakak
Drone IT (18 days ago)
Pinset tod -,-
Generasi Mecin (5 months ago)
Jangan lupa mampir dichanel saya
Puput Wati (5 months ago)
Kok bisa yaaa
Happy Damayanti (5 months ago)
Lijun Su (5 months ago)
How long does it take to clear all on the face doing it one by one like this... 5 hours?
syantie 24 (5 months ago)
Aq gemezzzz bngt liat komedoooo iiicchhhh
sany sogen (5 months ago)
Gatel tangan ku jadi pengen ikut nyabutin 😂😁
Vhanzul 13 (5 months ago)
Gimana cara glihat bisa sedekat itu gan
Ferry Kurniawan (5 months ago)
Vhanzul 13 pake mikroskop
geminilady75 (6 months ago)
It's worse than watching paint dry 🤔
indri rain (6 months ago)
jadi pengin ikut nyabut😊
yp Pranata (6 months ago)
Itu nama pinset nya apa ya? Kq saya cari di olshop gk ada ya,yg sama persis kyk gt?
Brenda Lukas (6 months ago)
Gatau kenapa gua suka bgt ngerelaxasi mata gua dengan ngeliat video kyk gini
Rainbow Unicorn (5 days ago)
kirain vuaa doankk astagaa
Ria Uno (13 days ago)
Rica Antig Cahyanti (1 month ago)
Brenda Lukas iya sama 😅
Agung Hdayat (1 month ago)
Gua juga
Rizki Wiranda (1 month ago)
Anjay... Sama.. Wkwkkw
Kimberly Jessee (8 months ago)
I think this person needs a wash cloth and soap!!!
pretty star (3 months ago)
Ya i think to
Richard Porterfield (8 months ago)
stupid ineffective technique a good squeeze would do the job faster
Teresa Mullins (5 days ago)
And better!!!

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